YouTube marketing features you should focus on in 2022

A perfect YouTube title sparks curiosity! It should be concise and no longer than 100 characters. Write your main keyword at the beginning for the YouTube algorithm to quickly recognize the theme of your video. Other relevant keywords should also be mentioned. Latest studies found that titles with explanations in parentheses performed 38% better than titles without parentheses. Another proven strategy for making your video titles more engaging is to tell the user the news by adding the year (and date) to the title.

Write a perfect description 

The first two lines (100 to 120 characters) of your video description are visible in search results. The rest only appears if you click “show more”. This means that you absolutely have to convince your users from the start to watch your video. Your description can be up to 5,000 characters long, but it is best to target 100 to 250 characters. Trigger curiosity without saying too much. You should describe the content, but not the details. In the description, your main keyword should be within the first 25 characters, and in the full description, it should appear approximately two to four times, without affecting readability.

The filename has a big impact on the ranking

The name of the imported file is certainly not the most important factor in ranking your video; however, it must include the main keyword, because once again it gives YouTube information about the subject of your video.


Categories don’t matter for SEO, but they do determine which users can see your video on their homepage. Therefore, you should not pass up this opportunity.


Subtitles can be read by search engines. YouTube makes great captions, but voice recognition isn’t that sophisticated. It is recommended that you check the translation to make sure your content is understood by your audience as well as on YouTube.


If your video is liked, commented on, and shared, and you have a lot of followers on your channel, YouTube will reward you. At the same time, you need to get more views. There is a simple way – buy YouTube views. In that way, your video may explode the algorithm and get a more organic boost.

When it comes to subscribing, feel free to invite users to subscribe with a little message at the end of your videos. It is also recommended to invite your audience, during the video, to share and like your video. Keep in mind that you need to get your users to comment on your video because the number of comments has the biggest influence on rankings! Before creating a YouTube video, you need to know your goals as well as your target audience. These important factors will help you boost your business and increase your return on investment.

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