Your Guide to Exploring Barcelona in 2022

There are many good reasons why Barcelona is such a popular to visit in Spain; it is the exquisite food, the historic architecture, beautiful weather, amazing beaches, and some of the most exciting nightlife that the continent of Europe has to offer. 

Treat your next visit to Barcelona like it will be your last (even though you won’t want it to be) and plan your trip with this guide to exploring Barcelona in 2022.

When to Visit Barcelona  

Barcelona is a city where you need to spend at least four to five days to take in the city, but preferably a whole week, which can also be a hassle for people carrying extra luggage with them. Using services like luggage storage Barcelona long stays are possible without worrying about your extra bags.

But if you are embracing Barcelona’s world-famous nightlife scene to make new memories, you may want to stay enough longer than a week to factor in recovery time from having long nights and energy to put into long days of seeing the scenery. 

If you had to pick the most popular season to visit Barcelona, it would have to be the summer when the weather is hot, and it is just right for the beach.  

Winters aren’t particularly bad, usually about 20 degrees above freezing, but it usually brings out the lowest number of tourists to the city. 

For balanced weather that isn’t as hot as summer and isn’t as cool as winter in Barcelona, you can arrive in late spring or early autumn and also enjoy fewer crowds than you would find in the summertime. 

Let’s give further into this guide to exploring Barcelona in 2022 so this year can be your best vacation possible. 

Highlights of Barcelona  

As we have made mention of already, the nightlife is a big deal in Barcelona, pulling in partygoers from all over the globe. 

Typical club nights start around 10pm, and restaurants still have patrons eating well after midnight. 

Bars and nightclubs can easily still have people dancing away until 6am. 

If you didn’t come to party into the early morning, Barcelona has plenty of beauty and some of the most top-level architecture in all of Europe.

Neighborhoods in Barcelona 

After making the wise decision to book some luggage storage in Barcelona to safely keep your baggage for you, you can visit some of the incredible neighborhoods that Barcelona has to offer, like Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic), the oldest and most visited one in the city. 

Some of the top attractions that you will find there include the Cathedral of Barcelona, Roman ruins, and medieval streets and alleys. 

Las Ramblas is a neighborhood that is technically part of the Gothic Quarter but differs in personality as a pedestrian-only area loaded with shops, chain stores, tourist stalls, restaurants, and cafes.

It is also the most visited tourist spot in Barcelona.

La Boqueria Market is a huge indoor market located off Las Ramblas that has been ranked the best market in the entire world. That is clearly a pretty big reason to go check it out. 

To escape the overabundance of tourists, you can go Plaça Reial — which is a stunning square off Las Ramblas. 

Food in Barcelona 

Spain is especially known for its tapas and pintxos that can be described as mini portions of single dishes, with pintxos traditionally served on small pieces of bread that are meant to be bar and restaurant snacks. 

Tapas and pintxos are normally affordable, but depending on where you happen to be, they can become quite extravagant to level-up the taste factor. 

Seafood paella and seafood in its many forms are a rather popular item to eat due in part to the fact that Barcelona is a city located on the coast.

Make sure that you do your homework and pick places that get rave reviews for their seafood paella and aren’t just serving you low-level versions that have been hiked up with inflated prices. 

Cava is sparkling wine, and it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to label it as the official drink of Barcelona.

Don’t confuse sangria as being the official drink of Barcelona because it is more of a specialty from southern Spain.

Activities in Barcelona 

The most popular museum in Barcelona is the Picasso Museum, named after the internationally-known Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, which holds one of the most expansive collections of his work. 

Tickets for The Picasso Museum can sell out fast, so buy your early.

You will also want to purchase advance tickets for the second-most popular museum, the Fundació Joan Miró, with the best collection of artwork by Joan Miró that you can find, as well as other premium artists. 

Go directly to the most highly-rated beach in Barcelona called Barceloneta Beach, which attracts many young people that are looking for an escape from the busy city. 

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your belongings while you are at beaches in Barcelona because things can get stolen if they are left unattended.

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