Wood vs. Metal Shed: Which Is Best for You?

You need a place where you can store all your tools. Somewhere you can get away to do your arts and crafts projects. What you want is a shed. 

The struggle of building one on your property is choosing the right material. You feel like most homeowners go with wood, but that can be expensive. Is it worth emptying your piggy bank? 

That depends on your needs. You can get as good of a performance out of a metal shed as you can a wooden one. The one that’s better is all a matter of perspective. 

Still, we can help you weigh the pros and cons of each material. Keep reading to learn what option you should go with. 


The first item on the agenda is your wallet. You can’t get a wooden shed with all the bells and whistles if you can’t afford such an extravagant expense. 

Speaking of which, one of the benefits of metal is that is a cheaper price. Wood is a lot harder to work with, so it causes the labor cost to skyrocket. 

Nine times out of ten, NC builders won’t be able to put a wooden shed building on your property without crafting a foundation first, which adds to the price tag. That step isn’t necessary to install a metal shed. 


The thing about metal shed materials is that it’s lightweight and malleable. The manufacturer can twist it into all sorts of creative designs. No matter what your vision is, metal will be able to bring it to life. 

You won’t have as much creative freedom if you go with wood. It’s a little harder to shape into custom designs. That doesn’t mean that wood won’t render beautiful results, but if you want something specific, you should go with metal. 


Again, metal is lightweight and simple to work with. You’ll be able to easily move the materials where you need them to go and assemble your shed. 

Yes, you can assemble your own shed. Most manufactures will give you the pieces and hand you a booklet that will tell you how to piece everything together. 

The same can’t be said about wood. It’s not an easy material to work with, so you’ll have to hire someone to do the installation for you. 


Wood is an organic material that takes a lot of maintenance. You’ll have to pour a lot of time and money into keeping your wood shed looking brand new. If you don’t stain the wood every now and again, for example, it won’t be able to stand up to the weather. 

In comparison, metal is a pretty easy material to maintain. As long as you give it a good wash down every now and again, you should be good to go. 


Durability is another area where metal sheds shine. After installation, your metal shed will be able to keep going for ten years or more. It’s a material that can stand strong against most forces of nature. 

If you install a wooden shed in an area that sees a lot of rain, you won’t have it for long. The moisture will eat away at the material and cause it to rot. The boards will swell up and crack. 

You’ll have to stain your wood every few months to avoid this worst-case scenario. It gets tedious and expensive after a while. 


If you’re like most people, you’re going to be storing expensive tools in your shed. The last thing you want is for someone to break in and steal everything you have. 

This is another area where metal sheds shine. They’re a lot harder to break into than wooden sheds.

Fire Hazard

Those who live in an area that sees hot summers have to worry about their wooden sheds catching on fire. Once the flames start, there will be no calming them. Wood is a highly flammable material that acts as kindling. 

You won’t have to worry about this problem with metal because it doesn’t burn. 


When most people think about metal sheds, their minds venture to a simple box. There’s nothing special about it. They’re cheap-looking and flimsy. 

That can’t be further from the truth. You can order a metal shed in pretty much any color that you need. If you want a color that matches your home, you’ll be able to find it. 

This isn’t to say that wood isn’t a gorgeous material. It has its own charm. As people say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Pest Risk 

As your wooden shed sits on your property, it collects a great number of pests. These insects will burry into the material and either eat it or make a home out of it. After a while, you’ll find yourself needing to replace the infected planks. 

Insects can’t burry their way into metal. They can try to eat it, but they aren’t going to get too far. 

Wood Vs. Metal Shed: Choosing the Best One for Your Needs 

Are you still trying to decide between a metal shed or a wooden one? As you can see, metal wins in a lot of categories. It’s a cheap material that doesn’t skimp on quality. 

It doesn’t collect insects, and you won’t have to worry about it catching on fire. While it’s not as timeless as wood, metal still brings its own aesthetic charm. 

If you don’t mind staining your wooden shed, it can withstand the test of time as well as metal. Wood involves a lot of maintenance, but it is a beautiful option. 

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