Why Use PEEK Plastic to Make Shaft Collars?

Polyetheretherketone or PEEK plastic is getting popular nowadays. From small buildings to big constructions, many people are using PEEK rods as the replacement for iron and aluminum. Just like these things, some manufacturers are also choosing Polyetheretherketone to make shaft collars.

PEEK plastic is also good for making small machine components. In the following, we are covering the top five reasons to choose PEEK plastic to make shaft collars. Let’s get started.

What Are Shaft Collars?

Before we dig further, we need to know the basics of shaft collars. In simple words, a shaft collar is a simple yet essential part of a power transmission application. This machine component is mostly used for gearboxes and motors. There are several types of shaft collars such as clamping style, set screw style, and drill collars.

Reasons to Use PEEK Plastic to Make Shaft Collars

Now, you know what shaft collars are. As we mentioned before, many manufacturers are using a peek sheets for making these machine components. Let’s find out the top reasons to use Polyetheretherketone plastic:

1. Durability

When it comes to durability, PEEK plastic ensures high performance for a longer period. It’s possible as this plastic has low friction characteristics. On the other hand, polyetheretherketone is stress cracking resistant as well. It is lighter than most metals but can be durable for ages. Plus, it also performs well in high temperatures.

2. Lightweight

As we mentioned above, PEEK plastic is very lightweight compared to other metals. This is why most engineers are choosing polyetheretherketone plastic as the replacement for heavy metals like aluminum or steel. Despite being lightweight, PEEK plastic is very hard and can survive high loading. Plus, it can be the ideal choice for high-temperature performance without deformations.

3. Recyclable Plastic

The best thing about a PEEK tubes is you can recycle it. Yes, polyetheretherketone is completely recyclable, especially the thermoplastic parts. This means if you are done with using PEEK plastic shaft collars, you can use them for other things. Hence, you can also sell these machine components.

4. Good Performance

We have already shared the performance of PEEK materials. The best thing about this plastic is its hydrolytic stability ability. It can perform well under hot water, superheated steam, and chemicals. For example, the plastic can remain unchanged even after being exposed to heated steam for several hours.

5. Reliable to Use

Just like other heavy metals, polyetheretherketone is very reliable to use. Besides being stress cracking resistant, PEEK is also a long-lasting plastic. For example, this material can prevent up to 260 C of temperature. Plus, it can also prevent high pressure up to 25,000 psi. PEEK can survive high loading as well.


Finally, we have covered the top reasons to use PEEK plastic to make shaft collars. As you can see, this material could be the ideal replacement for heavy metals such as iron and aluminum. PEEK plastic isn’t only lightweight but it can give a long-lasting performance. If you need to know more, you can contact an expert.   

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