Why Should You Add Lining To Your Couch Covers

Why Should You Add Lining To Your Couch Covers

You are aware of the benefits of lining your cloth but do you know that lining the couch cover makes it more durable. More and more people are switching towards durable covers as it is pretty expensive to replace them every season. However, if you want to get a luxurious cover for your couch, the best option is to line it up with another fabric to make it more durable.

Here is what you need to know when choosing fabric for lining:

  • The material used for lining the couch cover must be soft and light to prevent it from becoming excessively heavy.
  • The fabrics used for couch cover lining may vary in weight, so you need to make a perfect choice.
  • The lining on the back side should comprise a fabric that makes the couch cover more breathable.
  • You can look for stretch linings in neutral shades if the couch cover has a soft pastel shade.
  • For a lightweight couch cover, adding a satin lining adds a bit more weight and the good news is that satin also comes in pastel shades, so you need not worry about using for a cover with light shade.
  • Rayon is another affordable material for lining and is available in enormous shades.

Once you narrow down the options of the lining fabric, you need to keep it below the couch cover material to check the weight.

Providing structural support:

Often, light and flimsy cover that looks beautiful from the outside may be difficult to maintain and is less durable. If the couch is in the living room, you may use it more often. Therefore, adding a lining material reinforces the couch cover and makes it last longer than you think.

Protect the couch from water:

You need to line the couch covers with a soft and protective material to prevent water from entering and damaging the interior surface. You can also select waterproof material for lining the back of the cover and leave adequate width. However, you need not worry about the heaviness of the cover as it stays in place. If you want the cover to stay intact for years, a lining is the best material to apply.

Lining prevents dust

The couch cover becomes home to dust despite regular vacuuming. Using linen below the cover makes it less prone to dust and it is easier to clean. However, you need to discuss with a professional to take appropriate measurements to allow making it a perfect fit.

Making the decision:

If you have a dilemma about fusing a lightweight fabric, it adds stiffness to the fabric and gives it a smooth feel, and prevents it from stretching after each wash. More importantly, using linen as a back cover adds body to the fabric, especially if it is soft and makes it durable for long-term use.

The surface of the couch cover is susceptible to wear and tear due to regular usage. Therefore, if you put a luxury fabric and expect it to flaunt its glory, using an appropriate lining material is essential.

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