Why Should Everyone Watch Master Of None On Netflix?

Once in a while, some series come and steal our sleep.

Master of None is one such series, and it is one of the best Netflix originals that you can watch this year.

From comedy to breaking stereotypes—this series covers it all.

You can download it from The Pirate Bay and watch it right now.

But, you may need some motivation to bear with its 2 seasons.

We are here to give that motivation to you, but before that, you should find out what the series is all about. 

Master Of None—What’s The Show About?

The series starts with two people having sex when the condom breaks.

So, what exactly do you do? 

Other shows could have opted for cheap laughs in this situation, but Master of None’s approach is its greatest asset. Dev Shah accompanies Rachel Silva into the store after this incident to buy some pills and some fresh juices to drown their sorrow.

The show is analytical and observational about how the world works rather than seeing things through the lens of one-dimensional characters and laugh tracks.

It’s a rom-com for the millennial age, with themes ranging from love to the problems of growing up.

So, let’s find out why you should watch it.

Reasons To Watch ‘Master Of None’

There are many reasons that the show has appealed to its broader spectrum of audience, but we will only list those that can enthuse a newcomer like you to dive straight into the series.

Let’s start:

1: New Episodes: New Themes

Every episode has a distinct topic – betrayal, old age, racism, and the benefits and drawbacks of living with your spouse – yet the show never collapses into cliche.

The program manages to convey the complete large picture by focusing on the tiny things that matter in your late twenties and early thirties. In a curious sense, Master of None seems to have succeeded despite never actually trying all that hard.

The entire series just floats past, and by the last episode, you’ll feel like you’ve known these individuals for years.

2: Small Episodes With Nice Soundtracks

Aziz Ansari’s own distinct take on things in life makes these small episodes memorable. 

The first season only has eight episodes, but you’ll be clamoring for more. It’s nearly difficult not to be captivated by its understated brilliance. 

If you still need another reason, the soundtrack is fantastic. Each episode is only approximately a half-hour long. This is both a plus and a minus because you’ll be tempted to watch them all at once. 

3: Breaking Stereotypes???Game On!

The “Ladies and Gentlemen” and “Indians on TV” episodes nailed the nail on the spot when it came to busting preconceptions. 

Aziz Ansari’s character Dev defies stereotypes and speaks eloquently about the importance of diversity. 

In fact, there is an entire episode on feminism. It shows the misogyny that women face on a daily basis, and you may want to watch this episode and show this episode to everyone who doesn’t believe feminism is still necessary.

It’s pretty enlightening.

4: Experiencing Different Types Of Dates

Dates may be fantastic at times. Other times, your date imitates Cartman by stealing someone’s jacket. Some games are won, while others are lost. 

In fact, episode 4 of season 2, named ‘First Date,’ shows all kinds of first date experiences Dev has while winding up in a dating app.

You will see how people swipe right and left based on your profile picture and bio.

They make fun of you with their friends, think of sending you all kinds of pickup lines to stand apart from the crowd, and even find excuses to cancel the dates.

It will give you a real-time experience of how dating works in modern society.

5: Chemistry!Love!Lust!

Rachel and Dev had their ups and downs throughout Season 1. But nothing compares to their “Nashville” episode’s honky-tonking, and ghost hunting. 

Even though Rachel is late for her niece’s recital because of Dev’s fault, they soon make up and become an official couple.

The episodes where Rachel and Dev move in together show a lot of real-life aspects of couples living together and finding out they are not compatible.

After a while, even the sex becomes boring, and when things skyrocketed through the roof, you move to Japan for exploring your life.

6: Diversity At Its Peak

In “Indians on TV,” Dev discusses the unspoken rule that no two minorities, whether Indians, Asians, LGBT people, or others, may appear on the same show. 

Dev Shah breaks the ‘Why Can’t There Be Two’ stereotype; because he is an Indian actor working in America doesn’t mean he has to be the only Indian in the movie, right?

Despite the fact that he emphasizes the unfairness, the program manages to defy these laws, which is fantastic. In addition, different cultures are brought to the forefront of the debate in various episodes. 

Dev and Brian’s parents talk about their experiences as immigrants and the challenges they experienced when they first arrived in the United States. 

7: Amazing Cast—Amazing Acting

Aziz Ansari’s acting as Dev Shah is commendable. But, he is not the only one. 

Aziz’s real parents steal the show, although his brother Aniz Ansari also contributes to several episodes as a writer, proving the show has been quite a celebration for the whole family!

Arnold Baumheiser, who is Dev’s best friend on the show, is funny AF because of his perspectives on picking up girls yet finding himself stopping the wedding of his beloved ex-girlfriend, Ellen, in Modena.

Though short, Francessa and Pino also make their guest appearances pretty magnified in the show because of their amazing acting abilities.

Binge It Now!

It’s perfect! 

It takes a lot for a show to make people laugh out loud, to be honest. But I know many people who couldn’t stop laughing during Master of None.

So, if you want to join hands with those people, start watching this show right now.

We think there are enough reasons for you on this post to motivate you to watch this show.

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