Why Get Married at All if We’re Just Going To Get Divorced?

Are you debating whether to get legally married in the first place? In the US, over 50% of married couples divorce.

Many wonders “why get married if we’re just going to get divorced?”. We understand your concerns. There’s a heightened sense of caution surrounding getting married these days.

That said, if you have found your partner and there’s no turning back, don’t let the current divorce rate outweigh love. In fact, think of marriage as more anniversaries than as breakups.

For some marriage advice, let’s explore why getting married ends up as a positive in the long run.

A Public Commitment to a Relationship

Marriage is a public commitment to a relationship and signifies seriousness about it. For some, this is an important step in solidifying their commitment to their partner. For others, the wedding ceremony is important to show their families and friends that they’re serious about their relationship.

Comes With Legal Benefits

If you’re looking for legal benefits, marriage is a pretty good deal. You and your spouse can file joint tax returns, which can save money. You’ll also be able to make medical decisions for each other and have access to your spouse’s health insurance.

If your spouse dies, you’ll be first in line to inherit their property. And if you divorce, you’ll be entitled to a share of your spouse’s retirement benefits.

Have Access to Better Health Insurance Plans

Insurance companies see married couples as a lower risk. This is because married couples are more stable and less likely to experience life changes (e.g., job loss, illness) that can lead to a loss of health insurance coverage.

Married couples often have a higher income than single individuals, which can make them eligible for better health insurance plans. Finally, married couples often have children, which can also make them eligible for better health insurance plans that include child coverage.

Can Help Solidify Financial Stability

Married couples often have a higher level of financial stability than those who are not married. This is because marriage can help to solidify a couple’s financial situation. If one partner runs into financial trouble, the other partner can help to support them.

When a couple is married, they often have a joint bank account and credit cards. This can help to keep track of their finances and make it easier to pay bills and save money.

The High Divorce Rate: Is Marriage Worth It?

There are a few reasons the marriage may not be worth it. Marriage is a legal contract and can be difficult to get out of. You may have to give up your possessions, and may even have to pay alimony.

Emotionally, marriage can be draining and demanding. You may constantly fight, or feeling like you’re not good enough.

Finally, marriages often involve children. If you get divorced, you may have to share custody, which can be difficult and frustrating. With this, you may check this family mediation guide to help you reach an agreement.

Follow This Guide: Why Get Married

Why get married? We often cite the high divorce rate in the United States as a reason people shouldn’t bother getting married. Yet, there are many benefits to married couples, such as it comes with legal benefits, access to better health insurance plans, and financial stability.

Even if a couple gets divorced, they may have experienced some of these benefits while they were still married by law.

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