Why Do We Fear So Many Things?

Fear is a mind-killer. It’s a natural biological response that serves us, but most of us succumb to irrational or unhelpful fears more often than not.

More than 40 million people in the United States live with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is another form of fear that can lead to physical illness and a diminished quality of life.

What is fear? Why do we fear so many things, seemingly more than ever?

Here are some points you should consider.

We’re Reliving Past Fears and Traumas

The issue with fear is that more often than not, it’s a phenomenon that keeps replaying itself. Because you were afraid of something in your childhood or early life, it shows up in several ways in your adult life. 

Many people have also dealt with trauma or mistreatment that shows up in other areas of life. Getting professional therapy and auditing your thought processes can help with this. 

Many People Have a Scarcity Mindset

It’s easy to live in fear and lack when you don’t have an abundance mindset. When you see the world as a place of danger that is out to get you, it’s impossible to see the positive aspect of things. 

Start framing your life around how life itself is happening for your good, rather than out to get you. 

You’re Not Moving in Faith and Love

On a spiritual and universal principle level, there are schools of thought that say there are two polar vibrations — love and fear. Love drives out fear, and fear is the absence of love. 

When you choose to dwell in love and move in faith, you’ll lead a much less fearful life. Since faith overcomes fear, do everything you can to build a strong spiritual life. 

The best thing a person can do is embrace this aspect of their lives so that they can drive out fear and put it in its proper place. 

People Don’t Take Action Toward Overcoming Fears

Overcoming fear is something that everyone should dedicate their life and energy to. Every day or week, you should be doing something that pushes you gently out of your comfort zone. 

These baby steps will become leaps, and before you know it, you’re master over your fears. Fear is real when you empower it. By choosing to face these fears, you can start to see them as toothless as they are, and will develop strategies for overcoming them. 

Why Do We Fear? — Demystifying a Natural Emotion

So now that you have answers to the question, “Why do we fear?”, that begs an equally important question — Why should we fear?

Fear is an absolutely natural emotion to feel when faced with moments of danger. That fear signals you to danger so that you can avoid it, fix it, or otherwise do something about it. 

The problem occurs when you’re succumbing to irrational or unnecessary fears,  which most of us do on a regular basis. When you assess the points above, you’re better able to handle your fear as it comes along.  

Start with these points of info and check out our other articles related to lifestyle information, business, parenting, and so much more. 

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