Why can’t we use Quora: You need to know

Quora is a famous social questioning and answering website based in the USA. It was created on June 25 2009. On June 21, 2010, it was available for everyone. On this site, the user can ask a question or answer the question, which other people do. Besides, the user can edit his question or answer and comment on the other question or answer. 

Without getting a Quora account, people can’t use this website. Further, sometimes the user has faced several troubleshooting issues with the app; that’s why he cannot use Quora. Below we will discuss some of these types of issues.

Quora sometimes crashes:

Because of programmer error, sometimes its crashes, besides due to an issue on software development kit, the majority of times Quora is crashing. That’s why the user cannot use Quora. Almost every app crashed, and this is a big problem. For this reason, the user has faced trouble using this app.

It does not load:

If the user’s internet connection is down when Quora’s server is not loading in good part, it takes time to interact. On the other hand, if the user uses a cellular data connection, it takes time to load Quora. So, he must be careful about the speed of the internet connection while using it.

It does not start:

It has happened when Quora needs to update, and the cache and data of the app need to be cleared. In every moment, software develops programmers try to update Quora and try to solve its problem. So, users need to update the app; otherwise, it does not start.

Having no internet connection:

Since this is an online app or site, it cannot be used without an internet connection. Moreover, even if the internet connection is lost while using Quora, we will not be able to use it.

Its login does not work:

If Quora could be a technical error or a bug, then it does not work. Other reasons may it is under maintenance, its server is down, browser plugins or blocked website, so its login does not work. Moreover, even if the password, username needs to be changed or the accounts have any problem, the login does not work. The user needs to change his password or user name and change the accounts security settings in this situation. Besides, he can uninstall the app and again reinstall the app or update it. Or he should use a different browser, reset his router or disable plugins.

It is causing errors:

Since many people around the world use this app, it sometimes shows errors when many people log in together. As a result, the server cannot take the load, and it goes down. In this situation, the user needs to log in again while the server comes back well.

It is hanging:

Quora hangs when the software needs an update, the phone memory has very little space or while memory is filled with junk data. At this moment, the user needs to clear out all the unnecessary or junk data and empty the memory space.

It is not responding:

If there is a problem on the user device, Quora shows a Timeout server error, then Quora maybe not respond. It repeatedly shows error codes indicating server problems. This could be due to an internet connection down or an internal problem with the app.


Since Quora is an online-based software, there are many reasons why this can be the problem.  For this reason, despite having a valid account, it may not be used immediately. This type of problem can be solved by following a few simple steps.

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