Why buy a Vlone shirt instead of making it yourself?

If you are interested in Graphic shirts but want to save money, consider making your own shirt. There are many tutorials online, and some claim to make good-looking clothes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow them. In reality, making a Graphic shirt is very complicated and requires a lot of skills that most people don’t have. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should buy a Vlone Shirt instead of making it yourself.

Quality and Durability 

The first thing to keep in mind is that if you make your own shirt, you’re likely to be fine if you’ve seen many tutorials and have some sewing skills. The problem is that the shirts you make are by no means comparable in quality to the graphic shirts you buy from Vlone. Remember that only high-quality items have a high shelf life, and the shirt you make can be worn several times, but what you buy from Vlone will last at least 20,000 hours.

Experience and Skills 

The main reason you can buy high-quality graphic T-shirts than you make yourself is the ability to make them. As with technical knowledge, meticulous sewing is required. Even if you learn these things yourself, you don’t have many years of experience as a manufacturer. 

Vlone manufacturers’ experience allows them to produce high-quality products much faster than you.


Sewing carries the following minor risks: For example, accidental needle penetration, but with the addition of electrical cords, these increase dramatically. Wiring a graphic T-shirt may seem easy, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. The finished Vlone shirt you buy is completely safe because the manufacturer knows exactly what they are doing. However, if you do it yourself, you can get injured if you discover that you didn’t do something the way you were doing, either during the production process or while wearing a shirt.


The last point to consider is the comfort of clothing. If you’re trying to invest money in one or more graphic T-shirts, you want to be able to wear them often, and you’re not ready when they’re uncomfortable. Most people don’t know where to get supplies or have the skills to make comfortable and bright shirts. But Vlone manufacturers know exactly what they’re doing, so they can make a shiny shirt that feels cool to the touch, even after a few hours, without hitting you. 

Professional graphic design:

Take a look at some of the great brand identities that reign in the apparel world. You learn the importance of creating a corporate identity that speaks on behalf of your company. The

Clothing logo design, when drawn by a reputable and experienced hand, will have a tremendous effect on your business. What I’m saying is that you need to find a professional graphic design service that is recognized, experienced and affordable for your business. The identity of Vlone clothing has many characteristics, some of which are described below.

Color scheme

Color schemes are the most important part of graphic design, as every color has a meaning that needs to be intelligently incorporated into this small graphic representation. Therefore, the color choice should correspond to the type of company, for example. You can choose black for aptitude and elegance. Red and pink can be used to represent women’s fashion brands.


All fonts can be used as long as they complement the overall concept and ideas of the company. In most cases, stylish and energetic fonts are preferred by women’s brand identities, but decent fonts are used for men’s logos. In other words, you need to make sure that the fonts you use match your company’s theme.

Objects and Symbols

When you look at big brand identities, you can’t find good symbolism in them. Therefore, the use of symbols and objects in this type of logo is not mandatory.


Make sure the clothing logo style is not displayed above. Not only does this get out of context, but it also doesn’t make it sloppy. In most cases, designers have ideas that are too chic and stylish to look good.

Final words:

Therefore, if you are looking for a graphic designer, go to the Vlone website and place a custom order to make get Vlone shirts for your company. Vlone Manufacturers keep the above implications in mind when designing clothing with your company logo. If you want well-designed graphic shirts, Vlone is the perfect option to go with.

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