Where Can You Find Free Stock Photos for Blogs? A Closer Look

There are more than 600 million blogs on the internet as of 2021. With that many blogs, it’s surprising to think about the number of photos for blogs that are needed by bloggers. Many internet users want to find free stock photos for blogs but aren’t sure where to look. 

In this article, we answer questions such as ‘what are stock photos,’ and, ‘where to find free photos for blogs.’ Continue reading to learn how to make your blog more visually interesting (and keep it legal).

What Are Free Stock Photos?

The term ‘free stock photos’ refers to general photographs. These photos were taken without a particular project in mind. Photographers take these photos and then sell them to companies that purchase stock images. 

Some websites require you to pay a fee to use an image or to purchase a bundle of stock photos. Other websites offer free photos for blogs or other uses. When you get these images, whether you have to pay for them or not, the artist has released their rights to the image.

It’s important to be sure a photographer released their rights to the image before using it. If they haven’t, you could face problems with copyright claims.

At best, you’ll have to take the photo down. At worst, you’ll be financially responsible for infringing on the artist’s rights.

How to Tell if Stock Photos Are Free Photos

So, how do you tell if a stock photo is clear to use? One of the most important details to watch for is whether the website states the photos are approved for commercial use. 

This means you can use these free stock photos for blogs, ads, or whatever purpose, even if you’re making money from a free image. You can also watch for phrases like, ‘no known copyright restrictions,’ and,’ commercial use and modifications allowed.’

Where to Find Free Photos for Blogs

Finding these free photos may seem daunting, but it’s easier than you might think. If you want free pictures for your blog, we recommend one of two methods. 

The first method is to take your photos. The second method is to use a stock photo search engine. 

Take Your Own

Taking your own photos is one of the best ways to ensure the photos you’re using for your blog are approved for commercial use. You get complete creative freedom to modify the image as well. 

Free Photos Online

If you’re not a photographer and still need free stock photos, we recommend turning to a search engine such as Everypixel. Websites such as these work similarly to sites like Google or Yahoo but for stock photos.

They search other websites that also offer stock photos, which saves you from having to search each individual site yourself. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get the free photos you need for your blog.

Find Free Stock Photos for Blogs

Get to finding free stock photos for blogs by using the above guide. Once you’re sure the free photos you find are acceptable photos for blogs, you can use them with confidence. It’s a great resource to make your blog more engaging.

For more helpful guides and recommendations, visit our blog. 

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