What You Need to Know About Building With Reclaimed Lumber

Lumber prices have skyrocketed in this country over the last couple of years. In some cases, lumber has cost three times what it normally does.

If you’re going to pay a premium for lumber anyway, why not go with reclaimed lumber for your next project? It might cost a little more than ordinary lumber. But reclaimed wood will provide you with a whole host of additional benefits that you wouldn’t get access to otherwise.

Does building with old wood sound intriguing to you? If so, you should take the time to learn more about it. Get additional information on reclaimed timber below.

What Is Reclaimed Lumber?

Reclaimed lumber is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a type of lumber that has been taken from an old home, barn, or other structure for the purpose of reusing it.

More often than not, reclaimed lumber will need to go through a restoration process before it can be used safely. But it’s an excellent option for those who would like to add some charm to a home that they’re working on.

What Are the Benefits of Reclaimed Lumber?

There are so many benefits of using reclaimed lumber over ordinary lumber. First and foremost, it’ll obviously deliver the charm that we just mentioned.

But that isn’t the only advantage of reusing barn wood and other types of antique lumber. Here are some of the other benefits of doing it:

  • It’s eco-friendly
  • It’s often stronger than other types of lumber
  • It doesn’t typically require much maintenance once it’s installed

Reclaimed lumber does tend to cost a little more than other kinds of lumber. But with the cost of regular lumber skyrocketing in recent years anyway, the price difference isn’t as big as it usually is.

Where Can You Find Reclaimed Lumber?

If you’re in the market for reclaimed lumber, you might be able to salvage it yourself. You can tear down an old barn or another kind of old building and find wood in it that can be reclaimed.

You should also be able to track down a contractor who specializes in working with reclaimed lumber. They can help you get your hands on it for your next project.

Outside of investing in reclaimed lumber, you should also make it your mission to pair it with other materials that will look right at home next to it. Check out this carriage bolt collection to see some of the kinds of materials we’re talking about.

Begin Building With Reclaimed Lumber Today

Not every home is going to look great with reclaimed lumber in it. But there are many homes that could benefit from it in a big way.

If you would like to look into the possibility of adding reclaimed lumber to your home, you should get out there and do it today. You might be surprised to see just how accessible reclaimed lumber can be when you know where to look for it.

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