What to Look for When Selecting a Cord Blood Bank

When it comes to cord blood banking, there are a lot of choices to make. What do you need to look for when selecting a cord bank?

In this post, we’ll discuss the most important factors to consider when selecting a cord blood bank.

  • Quality Standard

You’ll also want to ask about the bank’s quality standards. How are they ensuring that the blood is safe and of the highest quality? And what kind of testing is done to ensure that the units are viable? You’ll want to find out how many donations the bank has processed. The more donations a bank has handled, the more experience they have with collecting and storing cord blood.

  • Processing time 

There are many cord blood banks all over the world, so it is important to do your research to find a reputable one. One factor to consider is the processing time. 

It is important to find a cord blood bank that can meet your needs in terms of processing time.

  • Compare the Benefits and Cord Blood Prices

When you’re looking for a cord blood bank, it’s important to compare the benefits and prices. Some banks offer a lot of services, while others are more focused on collecting and storing cord blood.

Make sure you understand what each bank offers so you can select the one that’s best for you and your family. And be sure to ask about any prices, because they can add up quickly.

The best way to find the right bank is to do your research and ask around. Talk to friends and family members who have used a cord blood bank, and see what they recommend.

  • Insurance

After all, you don’t want your child’s cord blood to end up in the wrong hands.

The bank should also be accredited by the AABB, which is the international accrediting body for cord blood banks. And finally, they should have a good track record of safety and quality.

  • Accreditation

When you’re selecting a cord blood bank, one of the most important things to look for is accreditation.

What does that mean? It means that the bank has been evaluated and meets the high standards set by independent organizations. So when you’re looking at banks, make sure they’re accredited by one of these organizations:

– The American Association of Blood Banks (AABB)

– The Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT)

If the bank you’re considering isn’t accredited by any of these organizations, it’s not worth your time.

  • Inventory

It’s important to know what the cord blood bank’s inventory is all about before making a decision.

Some banks have a limited number of public units available for donation, while others have a larger inventory that can be used for both public and private donations. Make sure to ask the bank about their inventory and what types of treatments it’s been used for in the past.


Selecting a cord blood bank is a crucial decision to make. You want to make sure you are choosing a reputable, quality cord blood bank that will process and store your baby’s cord blood for potential future use. However, it is also important to check out this list of the best cord blood banks, as this will enable you to make the right decision.

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