What to Do When Protection from Abuse Orders are Misused?

The purpose of a protection from abuse order, also known as a PFA, is to prevent any contact between an abuser and the victim, which can include physical or verbal harm. However, when these orders are used against the victim instead of for their safety and security, they can certainly have negative consequences.

In some cases, a protection from abuse order may be filed by a victim’s family member or friend because they are concerned for their loved one’s safety or because they are in fear of the abuser. However, if the victim does not want this type of protection, it may cause more harm than good. In these situations, the victim may have to approach the court and prove that the PFA is causing them unnecessary harm. However, defending against a protection from abuse order can be a difficult process, and the victim may have to hire an attorney, who will be responsible for preparing their case.

Here is what to do when protection from abuse orders is misused.

  1. Informing the court of your desire to not receive protection from abuse orders

You have a right to be aware of any protection from abuse orders that are filed against you, and the court can only issue the order after you give your consent. Informing them of this right is important because it will allow you to learn more information about how these orders can affect your life.

  1. Seeking legal representation in defending against protection from abuse order

If you feel as if a protection from abuse order is being filed against your will, you should seek legal support. An attorney can provide information on how to defend against these orders and have them withdrawn. The attorneys can help you remove protections from abuse orders filed against you without your consent or that cause additional problems in your life. To learn more about how we can aid in protecting your rights, contact us today.

  1. Have a plan to deal with any contact that may occur if the court will still provide you with protection from abuse orders

A plan can be a good thing if you feel as if you are being harassed through protection from abuse orders. However, you should only plan to deal with a contact that is meant to help you. If someone harasses you because they are concerned for your safety and security, they should be watched or reported to law enforcement authorities.

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