What the Website Design Process Actually Looks Like in Practice

Are you a small business owner? If so, you probably want the best website design for your company. It’ll give you a digital footprint and help customers find you more easily.

But before you hire a designer, you may be interested in what the website design process looks like. There are multiple steps to it that span anywhere from 12 to 20 weeks. It depends on the complexity of the site and how fast the designer moves.

So, what’s involved in the web design process? Read on to find out its 5 steps!

1. Meet With the Client

The first part is always the same, no matter who you work with in the web development industry. They have to meet with you, the client, to learn what you want to design. 

You can expect the designer to ask some questions during this step. They’ll want to know what type of website you want and what features are must-haves. They’ll also learn more about your business so they can tailor it for your needs.

2. Create a Rough Draft and Wireframe

The next step in the website design process is drafting the site. First, the designer will create something called a wireframe. It’s like a template used to get an idea of the layout you want, but it doesn’t have much detail.

Afterward, the designer will create a rough draft with more detail. This will help to give you an idea of what your website is going to look like. If you want to make any changes, this is the time to speak up!

3. Develop the Website

Once the drafts are completed and approved, the designer will move on to developing the website. This is when your site will start to come to life! They might use site-builders, like WordPress, or build it all from scratch with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Any reputable designer, like https://weberco.io/web-design/, will keep you updated during this step. They’ll show previews or live demos so you can see their progress.

4. Test It and Get Approval

After the site gets fully developed, you’re almost finished with the web design process. Before finalizing it, your designer will give it a test run. They’ll also ask for your approval on it.

If you want to make any minor changes, be sure to say so during this step. Ensure you’re getting the best website design possible!

5. Launch the Website Officially

The last step is the best part. It’s time to launch the website! Once it’s up and running, everyone from friends to customers will get to see what it looks like.

Don’t get worried if some flaws or errors arise during the launch. It’s common, but your designer should be able to fix them without a problem. 

The Website Design Process in 5 Steps

As a small business owner, you need to have a website. Consider hiring a designer to create one for you! They’ll take you along on their website design process, like the one outlined here, to develop a site you’ll love.

Do you need more guides to navigate the journey through business ownership? You can find others on our website.

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