What makes Sir Walter Buffalo Grass Dna Certified so unique?

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass DNA Certified is Australia’s top option for a lush, low-maintenance landscape from Sydney Lawn And Turf. It can withstand the high temperatures seen during the summer months because of its capacity to form deep root systems without requiring a lot of water. 

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass Features 

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is one of Australia’s most popular grass options for domestic, professional, and recreational use. It adds a lot of visual value to both domestic and business buildings. One of the most flexible landscaping options is this variety of grass. Its shade, sun, and drought tolerance make it ideal for a range of locations and owing to its deep root structure that doesn’t require much watering, it can withstand the high temperatures encountered throughout the summer months. 

An Australian Icon 

Sir Walter Buffalo grass DNA Certified was grown on Australian soil. Sir Walter DNA Certified is a true Aussie hero, having sold over 60 million meters of carpet in Australia (equal to around 450,000 homes!).

 Low Allergenic, Child & Pet Friendly 

Your Sir Walter Buffalo Grass DNA Certified will adore your children and pets almost as much as you do. Soft-leaved, weed-resistant (even the venomous bindii! ), and one of the least allergenic grasses on the market today! 

10-year Product Warranty 

With each buy of Sir Walter Buffalo DNA Certified via Musturf, you’ll receive a Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) Product Guarantee Certificate and be covered by LSA’s nationwide guarantee. 

Can You Overwater Sir Walter Buffalo Grass? 

When it’s hot outside or the color changes, water Walter Buffalo grass two or three times a week to keep it healthy and avoid dormant. This turf can tolerate extended dryness, but when it enters dormancy, it can turn pale. Overwatering encourages the growth of weeds and may raise the risk of illness. 

What Is The Best Fertiliser For Sir Walter Buffalo Turf? 

Standard and slow-release fertilizers are the most popular forms of fertilizers for lawns. Sir Walter lawns benefit from slow-release fertilizers. Slow-release fertilizers, unlike traditional fertilizers, break down slowly and release nutrients over two to three months. As a result, you’ll have to use them less frequently than regular fertilizers. They’re more efficient as well. Choose a fertilizer with a 3-1-2 or 4-1-2 N-P-K ratio and at least 35% slow-release nitrogen. Fertilizer should be applied at a rate of one pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet in June and July. 

Is Sir Walter Buffalo Turf Itchy? 

Buffalo’s early turfs were notoriously unpleasant to walk on. Buffalo grasses with a rough edge create the itching that is commonly associated with this species of grass. Sir Walter grass DNA Certified, on the other hand, has compact growth and delicate leaves, making it pleasant to walk on. The smooth edge along the leaf’s edge does not irritate. Sir Walter Buffalo grass DNA Certified has a low allergen content, making it a great choice for children, dogs, and allergy sufferers. 

Conclusion:- By cultivating and providing the best grass and assisting you in keeping your lawns and landscapes healthy and attractive, specialists assist you to save time and fall back in love with the Australian outdoors.

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