What Is My Zodiac Flower?

What did the night sky look like on the day of your birth? If you’re familiar with the zodiac, you might have some idea! Have you ever wondered what flower might have been blooming under the stars on the day you came into the world? 

Those who believe in astrology also believe that each individual has a designed zodiac flower. Like birthstones, these symbols can provide you with a physical connection to the cosmos at the time of your birth. 

Do you know your zodiac sign? Thinking about the zodiac signs as flowers is a fun way to learn more about the unique aspects of your temperament and personality! It can also be a great way to provide a loved one with a personalized, living birthday gift that they won’t forget!

Read on to learn more about the flowers as zodiac signs, and you might just find a new connection that brings you closer to the earth and the stars!  

What Is a Zodiac Flower?

Your birthday determines your zodiac sign. The zodiac itself refers to a part of the celestial sphere. In this section of the sky, we can observe the paths of the sun, moon, and planets above us. 

On your birthday, these astrological elements were all in a specific location. Many people believe that the location can determine many of your innate qualities and characteristics. Those who believe in astrology agree that everything from social behavior to creativity is due to your zodiac sign. 

Believers also agree that these signs have inherent connections to physical objects on earth. For example, you may be aware of your birthstone. Each gemstone corresponds to a different sign of the zodiac. 

These physical connections can go beyond stones, however. There are also flowers based on each zodiac sign, which we call Zodiac Birth Flowers. If you’re not a fan of your birthstone, you may want to use your birth flower as a personal symbol instead! 

You can discover more about each of these flowers according to zodiac by looking up your birthday below.  

Aries: March 21 – April 20

Aries is usually considered the first sign in the zodiac, and that extends to their behavior and temperament, too! An Aries is a lover of new beginnings, always interacting with the world around them through the lens of youth. They tend to be confident, cheerful, and pleasant to be around!

Naturally, that the zodiac flower associated with this fire sign would be pink and perky honeysuckle! These delicate blooms are often the first flowers of spring. They open up and greet the world during the season most closely associated with fresh starts, rebirth, and clean slates. 

Taurus: April 21 – May 21

The representation for the sign of Taurus is a bull, so it makes sense that those born between April 21st and May 21st would be a little bit stubborn. You might prefer to think of them as passionate! They will stand their ground with strength and a positive attitude!

Likewise, the fiery poppy is as resilient as it gets! This zodiac flower can grow almost anywhere. Despite being a weed, the beauty this blossom exudes is enough to keep its reputation in the green! 

Gemini: May 22 – June 21

You might not be able to keep up with a Gemini, as they have a reputation for energy, versatility, and curiosity! These smart individuals tend to go-go-go and tend to be unique individuals. 

The zodiac flower for these versatile individuals is perky purple lavender! This plant is also known for versatility, as it has so many uses. It’s also known for its distinct scent, which makes sense for an air sign! 

Cancer: June 22 – July 22

Cancers have a lot of feelings – like, a lot of feelings – and tend to favor tradition and routine over novelty. They are delicate and sensitive souls, but often have a tough side that comes through when you challenge their ideals. 

It makes sense that the zodiac flower associated with this sign would be the classic and delicate white rose. Like their human counterparts, they do have thorns for their protection! Even so, you will appreciate these lovely blooms for their traditional look and romantic nature!

Without a doubt, any Cancers in your life will burst into tears when presented with a bouquet of white roses from www.800florals.com!

Leo: July 23 – August 22

Leo may be a lion, but those born under this sign are more like super friendly and excitable puppies! They are happy, affable, and social types who have never met a stranger. These pleasant souls introduce a dose of sunshine into the lives of those lucky enough to know them. 

It should not be surprising that the flower associated with the sunshiney Leo would be the Sunflower! These flowers come in a happy yellow shade that has been making people smile since antiquity. 

Virgo: August 23 – September 23

The humble Virgo tends to be a little bit shy, avoiding the spotlight for quieter pursuits. Even so, they are fun-loving. A Virgo is most likely to be your most organized and practical friend, with a knack for logic.

The flower that represents these quiet, quirky souls is the sophisticated buttercup. While rarely the center of a bouquet, they bring a much-needed pop of color! Their structure and design is logical and symmetrical, not unlike our Virgo friends!

Libra: September 24 – October 23

Who doesn’t love a Libra? Libras are peaceful and loving, and tend to attract friends and admirers like magnets! They are passionate souls above all else, always seeking justice and fighting for goodness. 

They are not so unlike their zodiac flower, the beloved classic rose! A symbol of love and romance, there aren’t many people who don’t adore roses. Like Libras, they are a universal symbol for passion in all of its forms! 

Scorpio: October 24 – November 22

It can be hard to know what a multifaceted Scorpio is thinking. When you spend time with one, you will learn to expect the unexpected. They may be sensitive one moment, and tough as nails the next.

They are an excellent complement for the geranium, whose many petals come in many colors! These little flowers grow in tight bunches, so only those closest to them know all of their secrets. If nothing else, they are unique and complex like the Scorpios they represent. 

Sagittarius: November 23 – December 21

Nobody loves love more than a strong, adventurous Sagittarius! They tend to be exceptionally flexible explorers who need to roam to feel alive. The mighty Sagittarius comes with burning passions and a desire to spread themselves far and wide!

Our Sagittarius friends have no better pairing than a classic carnation! These plants are hearty, lovely, and show up everywhere! They manage to sneak themselves into nearly every bouquet. They’re strong, often outlasting other blooms in an arrangement. 

Capricorn: December 22 – January 20

No other sign can match the tenacity of the industrious Capricorn, known for fortitude and persistence. They simply will not give up once they have a goal in mind, even if it takes hard work. If you stack the odds against them, even better!

Likewise, the pansy grows in winter, often surviving freezing conditions to blossom. They are warriors who will push through the soil and survive anything thrown their way. They’re lovely, colorful blossoms that make it clear that the end justifies the means! 

Aquarius: January 21 – February 19

There’s nobody weirder than your eccentric friend the Aquarius. These intelligent problem solvers have a knack for being a little bit unusual, especially once you get to know them. This might surprise some people, as they also tend to come across as shy at times!

An eccentric flower like the orchid is a perfect match for this water sign. This difficult-to-maintain plant has a lot of quirks that require a lot of special care and attention. Once you get to know their needs, you’ll delight in their unique ways!

Pisces: February 20 – March 20

You won’t find a soul more free and whimsical than the creative, affectionate Pisces. Those born under this water sign are often lost in their daydreams, drifting and floating through life. They might have one eye on the world around them and one on their inner world – half-in and half-out! 

They are a perfect match for the lazily drifting water lily. While the striking blossoms sit placidly on the water, these plants have long roots that are constantly flowing and exploring, unseen. They are unique in many ways, and so much incredible art began with the sight of a dreamy water lily!

Watch Your Innate Traits Grow!

You don’t need to wait until Springtime to learn everything there is to know about your zodiac flower! It’s fine to have a tangible connection to the stars that you can interact with here on earth! The more you learn about the many zodiac symbols, the greater your connection will be to the sprawling cosmos above us!

You don’t need to stop learning here! The blog is full of plenty of posts that can help you continue to grow now that you have flowers on the brain! Keep on reading – you never know what might bloom in your mind! 

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