What is Math Olympiad Exam?

Maths Olympiad is a pre-university exam for students of classes 1-12 to test their intellect in maths. The syllabus of the exam includes difficult algebra pre-calculus problems, problems on branches of mathematics not conventionally covered in secondary or high school. In such topics, extensive knowledge of theorems is highly required. But at the same time, the basic principle behind creating the questions is that anyone who has a basic understanding of maths should be able to understand the problems even if the solution requires a good level of knowledge.

Why Should I Participate in the Class 7 Math Olympiad?

The benefits of appearing in Class 7 Math Olympiad exams include instilling the value of competitivity in students at the national and international level, developing an interest in maths,  and increasing the student’s knowledge in the application of maths in real life. Through this exam, emphasis is given to logical reasoning and analytical skills rather than direct theoretical knowledge. This exam helps students to be sharp-minded and quick-thinkers.

What Should You do to Excel in This Exam?

  • Start Early and Know Your Syllabus

It is important for those who aspire to score the highest in the exam to start their preparations early. Start by knowing the dates for the exam and download the syllabus from the official website. Go through it and understand which topics need more time for learning and preparation and which topics require comparatively less time.

  • Plan a Well-Thought Schedule

After you have analyzed your strengths and weaknesses, start preparing your study game plan. Divide your time equally between academics, preparations, and relaxation. Organize your schedule by yourself and do not copy others’ plans. Understand which method of study works best for you and plan accordingly. Make sure you dedicate a few hours every day to your preparation.

  • Understand How to Use Your Time Effectively

Time management is an important skill that is to be inculcated and perfected by the students. Do not waste time or lounge around. If you have a spare time wherein you do not know what to do, instead of wasting time doing or thinking nothing continue with your exam preparations. It is often said that ‘A silent mind is a devil’s workshop’- do not let this saying happen to you. Practice questions with a time limit to understand in which section you need to spend more time and where you need to answer faster.

  • Use Study Materials and Any form of Extra Help Wisely

Download the study material provided on the official website. They often contain all the important notes and formulas to help students prepare for the exam well. Be thorough with your school syllabus as well and do not ignore it. The syllabus for the Math Olympiad often resonates with the school syllabus except its level is a lot higher. Ask your teachers for guidance to go about your preparation and clear all your doubts.

  • Practice Everyday Until Perfect

‘Practice makes a man perfect’- this saying has to be followed religiously by students especially when it comes to learning maths. It is important to practice every question until you can solve it on your own. Practice the most difficult questions more. Through practice, the method of answering questions slowly seeps into the brain. This will make answering questions during the exam easier as the answer would be right at your fingertips. Practice as many papers, both past papers and sample papers as you can. Past papers such as IMO Class 7 2012 Question Paper are easily available for online use. Practicing past papers in a time-bound manner will help you in answering questions within time.

  • Have a Formula Sheet

When studying, write down all the formulas on a separate sheet of paper or have a separate formula book. You can write the theorems, definitions as well as important graphs if necessary. This will help you for reference when you solve questions and also help in the revision process.

  • Revise and Analyze

Revise continuously until you write the exam. Have daily, weekly and monthly revisions. Test yourself during revisions and otherwise and correct them honestly. After this, analyze your weaknesses carefully. Understand where you went wrong in your work and note it down. Go back to the topic, read and learn it all over again, and then solve the questions on your own. That will help you to get a hold of your weak topics. Make use of the Olympiad mock tests available online to practice more.

  • Have a ‘No Stress’ Policy

It is important to not stress during your preparation as well as when writing the exam. Panic and stress will often lead to inactivity of the brain. When you start to panic, pause everything and take deep breathes. Make sure that your mind is relaxed. A calm and relaxed mind will lead to maximum productivity levels.

  • Keep a Fit Mind and Body

Being healthy is of utmost importance for the maximum working of the brain. Have a good sleep pattern of about 7-8 hours. A sleepless body will lead to the brain getting tired very easily. Have a balanced diet and reduce the intake of junk food. Eat those kinds of foods that help to regulate, replenish and rejuvenate the body and mind. Exercise daily.


Anyone can be naturally interested in maths and anyone can inculcate interest in the subject through practice. Parents and teachers need to encourage their children to develop an interest in participating and preparing for Maths Olympiad. Students who wish to score in the IMO need to start early and work hard to score well in the Maths Olympiad at the national level. Questions in this exam are designed to be hard and test the intellect of the student. Hence, students need to work ten times harder than they would for maths at the school level. Follow the given tips to prepare well and answer the paper to the best of your capability.

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