What is Client Portal Software?

Every day, business owners are looking for ways to boost productivity and revenue. We all know that the customer is the most treasured asset in any business. Proper communication and collaboration with your customers will always lead to an increase in revenue.

If you’re in the market for a tool that will help propel your business forward, then you should consider buying client portal software. These apps are designed to improve collaboration and communication between businesses and their customers. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the top features of client portal software.

Security and Cloud Support

In recent times, we have seen many big firms get hacked and user data was stolen. More often than not, the data ends up being sold on the dark web for a tidy sum. People nowadays are quite cautious about how they share their data with businesses. The data privacy laws in some countries are also quite weak, meaning that some businesses end up sharing personal data with third-party entities.

However, client portal software applications eliminate risks involved with data privacy. The applications are equipped with top-notch security features. Most client portal applications support two-factor authentication. The data is also encrypted using 256-bit SSL and AES encryption algorithms.

Another feature worth mentioning is the cloud storage service. Hardware storage services are quite costly concerning maintenance and purchase price. However, online storage solutions cost considerably less and do not require frequent maintenance. Besides that, online support services ensure that data is easily accessible remotely.

Cross-Platform Support

Statistics show that these days, people spend quite a lot of time using their phones. Proper client portal software should at the very least have cross-platform support. This way, your clients can use the service whether they are using an Android or iOS smartphone.

Most client portal applications allow the business to customize the app to their needs. You can change the colors to match that of your brand. You can also change the URLs on the web app to match that of your company’s website.

Group Chat and Push Notification Support

A customized in-app group chat feature can help customers feel more attached to a brand or business. Clients will be more confident if they know that they can use the portal to send messages directly to the business support team. One major benefit of this feature is that it leads to improved efficiency.

Push notifications are vital if the majority of the users access the app from their smartphones. Push notifications will ensure that the clients and support team alike get notified whenever they have a new message or request to attend to.

Most client portal apps also offer email support. This means that users can send and read emails directly from the application. All in all, this software will ensure that your clients have a one-stop solution where they can communicate and collaborate with the business in a few clicks.

Quick and Easy File Transfer

Most businesses rely on online storage solutions such as Google Drive or Dropbox to send and receive large files. However, this can be an inconvenience as clients have to shuffle from one app to another for a simple task.

Client portal applications have an in-built FTP service. This allows users to quickly upload and share large files. Users can also set additional permissions on their files to add an extra layer of privacy. The file upload and download features also allow users to preview the files before downloading them. Users can also add e-signatures to the files without having to leave the app.

Collaborate and Communicate

Customers can create projects and add members to join the team. Client portal software allows users to monitor the progress of the project 24/7. The business team can update the client on the current progress of the project.

The project managers can also assign tasks to the project members and set deadlines. One standout feature is the micro-blog feature. This feature allows users to update the rest of the team on their progress. The client can monitor project progress and make inquiries through the in-app chat system.

Bottom Line

Client portal software is the future of business and client collaborations. Most businesses typically used a variety of tools to help them interact more with their clients. Client portal software has plenty of features such as in-app chat systems, file uploads, and management, among others.

When purchasing client portal software, make sure that it supports most if not all of the features listed in this article. The main goal of a client portal application should be making business easier by offering a one-stop spot for all business collaboration tools. Also, ensure that the application has a proper technical support team in case you need help.

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