What is CCDE Exam?

The exam for large network design that led to the IT infrastructure program and held for the skilled design engineer to gain the ideal jobs is known as Cisco certified design expert. It is a challenging exam based on specific terms and conditions.

Making designs is an art, and to lead this art and professional level, one should need a certificate that explores its skills with high standard way. People who have these skills and want to pass this exam require specific information and practices before entering the exam.

Persistency is the key to success that needs especially for passing this challenging exam. CCDE exam consists of two stages: the CCDE written exam and the CCDE practical exam. For entering into the exam, designers are free to provide any other professional training degree, etc.

So to know more about the CCDE exam, keep reading this topic till the end.

About the CCDE exam

It is a particular type of exam that proves difficult from start to end. It is indeed based on merits for clearing purposes. Cisco certified design expert is revolved around technical knowledge and explores high-level art.

This exam is parted into two parts that recognize the ability of designers at different levels. There are the following two sections that students pass for getting this high-level certificate.

  • Written CCDE exam
  • Practical CCDE exam

But before we proceed to both of these levels, we firstly prefer to enhance the rules that should be essential before entering into the exam. After obeying and signed these rules, one would be able to give CCDE exam.

  • Students must know about the Cisco certification agreement that is available online before taking the exam. It means entering into the exam, and it should be essential to sign the specific rule agreement.
  • All the questions and diagrams etc., which are included in the certification exam, are the property of Cisco. So their publishing or copying is against the rules of Cisco.
  • Students who miss the exam wait for the 5days, meaning from the exam day to the failed day.
  • And those students who fail in written test exams should need to wait for 15 days from the exam day.
  • Candidates must obey the terms and conditions before sitting in the exam room.
  • For explaining the question format, an exam tutorial is present in the examination hall.
  • Furthermore, in term of solving questions a marker and an erasable note board is provided to candidates.
  • At the end of the test, students will receive their exam marks that explore the next level.
  1. Written CCDE exam

It is the first stage based on the maximum time of 2-hour. Students have to enhance their knowledge about network design based on the management, tunneling, service quality, routing, capacity, and cost.

For entering the practical exam, it should be essential to pass the written exam. It means the written exam is the path for moving into the practical exam.

  • Practical CCDE exam

This is the actual designing exam which takes a maximum of 8-hour time in the exam class. This exam demands to show performance with the best design. In this practice exam, candidates create technical artwork in terms of solving business issues.

A practical exam is a way that shows how someone can develop the best designs within the given time. Exam preparation takes time because the practical code exam is difficult. When we talk about the exam modules it is divided into the following way regarding percentage.

  • Implement network design 13%
  • Analyze design Requirement 30%
  • Develop network design 39%

These are some topics that are added to the exam in the above-given percentage.

Factors to consider for the CCDE exam preparation

Cisco exam preparation is consists of three steps. In which the first case is based on self-collected material that you prepare for better results.

  1. The second part is consists of the data which is provided by the Cisco networks. This information is based on both kinds of exams, written and practical code exams.
  2. Thirdly the material for the preparation of the exam is presented by the Cisco learning partners.
  3. So these are essential parts that reflect how to prepare ccde exam perfectly. Moreover, students can also get other information that is related to the CCDE exam.

Candidate’s privacy

It is the responsibility of Cisco to maintain every candidate’s privacy. In this regard, Cisco explores all the ways that in how they collect and use your information.

Wrap up!

The exam is a way of exploring a student’s abilities in a specific field. Cisco certified design expert is based on an art network that covers the significant standard for achieving goals. CCDE exam is a challenging exam that requires hard work to clear. Hope you like the article. If you want to know more about the exams detail checkout the website https://cciedump.spoto.net/design-2020.php.

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