What Is Brand Positioning? A Guide for Entrepreneurs

About 77% of B2B marketing experts believe that product and brand positioning is critical for business growth. Sadly, most business owners don’t fully understand what is brand positioning, and its significance.

Brand positioning describes how a consumer views the brand and what sets the brand apart from others. Smart business owners take time to understand the different types of brand position strategies.

After building a website, you can’t expect consumers to flock to it by faith. To survive market forces, you must understand why is brand positioning important. Learn all you need to know in this guide so you can position your brand successfully.

Research Is Key

It’s not just enough to create a slogan in hope that it will be catchy to your consumers. Research is paramount to any marketing strategy. You need to know who your competitors are.

Have a look at the companies your consumers would buy from if you were not in the picture. Also, be curious about what they are doing right and what they get wrong.

Besides, look for famous brand positioning examples in your industry. You will know how to proceed from thereon.

Product and Brand Positioning

Now that you have a synopsis of your competition, focus on your own brand identity. Identify what features set your brand apart from the rest.

What are you selling that those others aren’t? This part can be hard to maneuver especially when you are dealing with generic products.

Successful brands focus on selling things you can’t put a price on, like experience and authenticity. The only way you can maximize your advertising performance is by convincing the consumer that they can’t get that kind of a deal anywhere else. Focus on how you want the consumer to feel when using your products.

Brand Positioning Statement

Now that you understand what distinct qualities you have, focus on summarizing that in a simple statement. Smart business owners scrutinize their catchphrases.

Is your product and brand positioning still working? Most brands use puny words around their tagline to create some excitement.

Further, when you understand your main selling point, you can easily create a catchy brand statement. Look at famous brand positioning examples like the Coca-Cola phrase ‘taste the feeling’.

The brand focuses not on selling the drink but rather on the feeling that comes with it. Therefore, it has been able to survive competitive market forces over the years.

Assemble Brand Elements

After working on the tagline, it’s advisable to focus on other brand elements. Your visual identity is a critical part of your brand positioning.

Your consumers are more likely to associate your product with the images you have. Make sure that your tagline and logo agree.

What Is Brand Positioning? Everything You Need to Know

As noted above, brand positioning is what sets you apart from other companies in the same industry. It’s wise to train your team on what is brand positioning and its significance.

Famous brand positioning examples prove that flexibility is critical in your marketing strategy. Have a look at this website for more marketing tips.

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