What Is Bag on Valve Technology and How Can It Benefit My Business?

With climate change as a pressing issue, it’s clear that society must factor the environment into every decision. The continued rise in sea level and temperature only further supports the use of eco-friendly technology such as bag on valve. 

Keep reading this guide to bag on valve technology to discover how it can help your business and the environment. 

What is Bag On Valve

Bag On Valve is an eco-friendly packaging technology for liquid products. The product looks similar to a standard aerosol can, but it operates completely differently and more efficiently. 

The actual product, like hairspray, is kept separate from the propellant. This prevents the product from contamination and provides the consumer with a recyclable package. 

How Bag On Valve Technology Works

A vast majority of bag on valve cans from companies like Signaturefillingcompany.com have a similar design to traditional aerosols. They come in aluminum cans with a small opening for the valve. 

The valve is then welded to the foil bag that has multiple layers of film laminate. Once the valve is crimped to the canister, compressed propellant fills the space between the can and the bag. This process offers two benefits. It helps keep the propellant and product separate throughout its lifetime and ensures full product use.  

Bag On Valve vs. Standard Aerosols 

Many people commonly mistake aerosols as propellants. However, an aerosol is actually the suspended particles in liquid or gas. That translates to the term referring to the product rather than the propellant. 

There are three main differentiators that give bag on valve systems an advantage over standard aerosols. The bag on valve tech uses less harmful propellants, has zero contamination and dispenses at room temperature. 

Benefits of Bag On Valve 

This technology offers businesses a wide array of benefits that ultimately help the bottom line. The benefits range of safe use, convenience, lack of oxidation, longer shelf-life and an eco-friendly product. 

The multi-layer film laminate on the foil bag acts as a barrier to prevent any oxidation from occurring. It’s also how it keeps the product and propellant separated so that the product remains pure. 

Secondly, this tech is much safer than standard aerosols because it doesn’t use flammable propellants. It’s not explosive under high temperatures or high pressure. 

Because its controlled spray design doesn’t require any pumping, it ensures that 100 percent of the product is used. This can translate to an increased number of customers knowing that they’re getting their money’s worth with your product. 

The separation of substances allows businesses to use almost any type of material. This is a breakthrough considering the limitations of aerosols. 

Overall, bag on valve technology can help increase profits for a business in several ways. The most significant advantage is the extended shelf-life and efficient filling process. It’s a process that reduces costs and increases production. 

Bag On Valve and Your Business

Bag on valve technology offers businesses an economically superior, sustainable and efficient product. At the end of the day, it’s a far superior packaging system to standard aerosols in every way. 

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