What Is a Realistic Timeline for Planning a Wedding?

Wedding planning can be stressful for many, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Planning is the best way to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Having a realistic timeline for planning a wedding is a must. Read on to learn what you’ll need to include in this timeline to help you plan the perfect wedding. 

Twelve to Ten Months Before Your Wedding Day 

The timeline for planning a wedding should start at least 12 months before your wedding day. During this time, you’ll set up your wedding budget. You want to have an idea of how much money you can work with. 

This is the time to pick a wedding date. It should be a definite date as you shouldn’t end up changing it at the last minute. 

If you have an idea of what you want your dream wedding to look like, you’re ahead of the game. You can start to develop your wedding style. 

You can browse through bride magazines and websites to get ideas for your wedding. Get ideas for your wedding dress, ceremony, and reception. This is also the time to compile your guest list. 

Your goal will be to start assembling your team of pros who’ll help make your wedding day a reality. These include a photographer, caterer, and florist. 

You’ll also need to secure your venues. It’s best to do this as soon as possible. You should consider these venues for your special day. 

Nine to Six Months Before Your Wedding Day 

Nine to six months before your big day, you’ll want to turn your focus to the bridal party. Choose the attire and accessories that you like. Buy your wedding dress and everything else you need to go with your dress. 

Create your gift registry. Then, you can mail out your wedding save-the-date cards. Book your officiant as well. 

This is also the time to work on travel arrangements. If you have guests coming in from out of town, you’ll want them to book their flights. Reserve hotel rooms for them too.

Five to Three Months Before Your Wedding Day

This is the time to check in with your team to see how well things are going. Check on the wedding cake, the wedding venue, and so forth. This is also the time to do all those wedding rehearsals. 

Finalize your wedding menu. Order your menu cards and wedding favors. Take time to book your honeymoon flights and hotels. 

Final Months Before Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding in the final months means it’s crunch time. Mail out your wedding invitations and develop a system to help you keep track of your RSVPs. 

Layout your wedding arrangements. Call all vendors to confirm the date, times, and locations. Pick up the wedding rings and attend the final dress fitting. 

The Final Days Before Your Wedding Day

Take this time to make all final payments. You can prepare a wedding day emergency kit. Most important of all, now you should glam yourself up for the big day. 

This Is Your Timeline for Planning a Wedding

This is the best timeline for planning a wedding. Think of it as your wedding checklist as it covers all the important things you’ll need to do for your wedding. It’ll help you prepare for your special day so it goes on without any issues. 

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