What Is a Gynecologist? A Quick Guide

Anyone who has a uterus should be seeing a gynecologist regularly. However, not enough people talk about the gynecologist. Whether it’s due to shame or the lack of information about reproductive health, this means that people aren’t getting the healthcare that they need. 

But what is a gynecologist anyway? What do they do? We’re here to talk about it. Keep reading for our quick gynecologist guide. 

What Is a Gynecologist? 

A gynecologist is a type of doctor who has received extra training in the area of reproductive health related to the uterus. Each gynecologist has gone through four years of medical school and a four-year residency in order to best serve their patients.

Many gynecologists are also obstetricians. Obstetricians take care of people who are pregnant and attend the birth. These gynecologists are OB-GYNs. 

Why Should Someone Visit a Gynecologist? 

Did you know that people with uteruses should start visiting their gynecologist clinic between the ages of thirteen and fifteen?

Many people believe that it’s unnecessary until someone is sexually active, but that’s not true. While the patient may not get a pelvic exam during their first appointment, the doctor will be able to give them a general physical exam and talk to them about their development or any concerns that they have.

A gynecologist can catch certain types of cancer early enough to start treatment. They look for cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer. They can also check the patient for sexually-transmitted diseases. 

Gynecologists are important for family planning purposes. They can prescribe birth control, insert IUDs, and help people through their pregnancies if they choose to have children. 

Routine gynecological exams keep people with uteruses safe and healthy. Visit your OBGYN in Greenville, NC (or your local best gynecologist) at least once per year.

What Happens During a Gynecologist Appointment? 

A standard gynecologist appointment is going to start with a basic rundown of health information. The patient will likely take a pregnancy test (even if there’s no chance of pregnancy) and they can ask for a full STD test if they choose to do so.

If there’s going to be a pelvic exam, the doctor or nurse will give the patient a gown to put on. 

The patient will lay down while the gynecologist looks at the vulva for any abnormalities. The doctor will then use a speculum to see the inside of the vagina, and they may take a pap smear. This is uncomfortable but quick. 

The doctor may then do a breast exam to check for breast cancer. 

If the patient needs a prescription for birth control, they’ll discuss this with the doctor after the exam. 

Is It Time for Your Gynecologist Visit?

So what is a gynecologist? They are the ones that take care of your reproductive health. If it’s been a while since your last gynecologist visit, it’s time to schedule your appointment so you can stay healthy.

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