What is a Delta 8 Dab?

The young are into dabbing which is a term associated with the consumption of highly potent CBD extracts like the wax. Just like the e-liquids, dabbing compounds are inhaled like steam using special devices.  

Simply put, it’s a quick way to experience the CBD effects more quickly and achieve multiple benefits such as stress reducing and calming.it can also help in combating nausea and promoting sleep. 

Delta 8 dab is a legally approved cannabinoid which provides THC benefits with a potent psychoactive effect. Unlike the Delta 9 THC, it’s less intoxicating but provides mental relaxation and clarity. Here is a comprehensive Delta 8 dab review.


As earlier stated, Delta 8 dabs is a powerful cannabinoid extract very popular amongst young people. It’s vaporized in little quantities using a ring to provide you with an energetic and ecstatic experience. Typically, the dabs have a sticky texture with a golden highlight that resembles ear or candle wax.

Delta 8 dabs are an effective and powerful way to inhale Delta 8. Hence Delta 8 dabs offer an excellent Delta 8 experience thanks to the following properties.

  • It vaporizes quickly by producing up to 50% bioavailability which is the quantity of Delta 8 that your body can absorb and make use of efficiently.
  • Has high concentrations and therefore tiny amounts can deliver high Delta 8 levels.
  • It’s a broad spectrum hemp compound that also delivers the elements of hemp for efficiency.

Delta 8 Explained

Delta 8 THC is a natural product that constitutes up to 1% of the hemp plant. On the flip side, Delta 8is very rare and this makes the extraction process costly and highly inefficient. Despite this, the isomerization process ensures there’s more Delta 8 generated to satisfy customer demand.


Delta 8 creates euphoric reactions without producing hallucinogenic effects. It also amplifies and relieves other process such as;

  • Improving your moods
  • Boost up your appetitive
  • Calming the digestive system
  • Promoting sleep and rest
  • Reducing inflammation and abrasion
  • Boosting mobility
  • Increasing your concentration and focus

Reason For Popularity

Hemp Living Delta 8 Dabs are one of the main products from the The Green Dragon CBD which is popular thanks to the unique characteristics it possess including;

  • Its highly potent, clean and pure, usually more than 90% purity
  • It’s versatile since it can be vaped, turned into edible products or dabbed.
  • Unlike low quality extracts, the product is easily identifiable because it comes in yellow colors.
  • With proper storage, Delta 8 dab will last long. As well, it stays in good condition if stored in a cool, dry environment.
  • Delta 8 is available in different concentrates and therefore you can choose one that suits you best.

Effect On The Endocannabinoid System

Even though there is a mild euphoria this is not intoxication or psychoactivity present in another compound Delta 9. Typically, Delta 9 is more enhanced in weed based products.

Having said that, the endocannabinoid system in your body has multiple receptors whose work is to coordinate various processes such as digestion, mental activities as well as general immunity. 

The Delta 8 compound works together with this system especially when combined with THC, CBD, Terpenes or flavonoids agents present in hemp plants. With this combination, you will experience a highly effective experience with Delta 8.

Legality Concerns

Delta 8 is a legal product approved by the federal government of the US because it contains less than 3% THC. Therefore, the DH8 wax products are legal to use anywhere in the USA. 

However, you’ll find that some states may have varying laws, therefore, it’s vital to check if there are any provisions in your state before buying the product.


The production of Delta 8 wax involves a two stage process. Initially, the CBD is isolated from the Hemp plant and converted to a distillate. The technique is known as Carbon Dioxide extraction and is one of the cheapest methods that is equally safe. 

Subsequently, the flowers are dissolved to extract the compounds for further processing.

The next step is to convert the CBD product to Delta 8 through the Isomerization process. Here, the CBD compound is chemically altered to form large quantities of Delta 8.

After distillation, the Delta 8 is now ready for infusion into multiple CBD products.

Alternative Products

Other than Delta 8 wax products, there are other extracts that you can dab and experience multiple benefits. These products are available in various forms and each has unique qualities. Worth noting, these are excellent alternatives and highly effective like the Delta 8 dabs.


Crumble features a distinct yellow color and resembles cheese crumbles. One unique property of crumble is that it’s a delicate compound and therefore easily broken to offer required effects.


Shatter features a unique transparent to semi-opaque color. It looks like tiny pieces of glass with small holes. It’s sticky like honey but highly effective.


Budder features a golden yellow appearance and has a creamy consistency resembling butter.


Rosin is made via pressurized heat to deliver a dark gold color. However it bears some similarity with Delta 8 wax in terms of texture.

The Consumption

The best way to consume Delta 8 wax is by the use of a dab ring as highlighted below.

  • Fill the rig’s compartment with water
  • Using a torch, heat the nail’s bottom. Leave it for one minute as this helps in preventing the Delta 8 wax from scorching.
  • Put the Delta 8 wax on the nail’s surface and inhale via the mouth piece.
  • You can use a cap or an extra accessory to control the airflow.
  • Then, breathe out the vapor and repeat the steps above.

If you don’t have a dab ring, you can use dab pens which are modest and convenient. Eating the wax is not recommended because Delta 8 dab is highly effective after heating and consuming via the dab ring. 

However, you can still get Delta 8 from edible products such as gummies.


Delta 9 dab is a safe product that can produce intense euphoria unlike other similar products. Nonetheless, you may experience temporary side effects such as dry mouth, tiredness and hunger. Luckily, these clear within a few days with regular intake.

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