What do you need to look for when buying‘s home?

Are you interested in the future of Brisbane’s real estate market? As per the market’s performance thus far, individuals are likely to see a high double-digit increase in Brisbane property prices in 2021, with most sectors enjoying significant price appreciation except for high-rise apartments and inner-city markets. And there is still plenty of potential for expansion, given how affordable Brisbane property remains compared to other east coast big cities. Before searching for home designs in brisbane, it’s important to consider a few critical points to ensure you don’t wind up with a sour lemon!

Examine the property

Before deciding on a property, you may like to inspect its condition. Certain inspections can be conducted by the homeowner, while quantity surveyors must conduct others (especially when it comes to costings). The following is a list of a few of the items that require review:

  • The construction of the building: inspect the foundation, the plumbing, the wiring, and any possible moisture or wall fractures;
  • The roof’s condition – is it sagging, steel-framed, or wood-framed?
  • Are there fences, and if so, if they’re on the borderline;
  • Is there evidence of water damage (as a result of rain or flooding)?
  • Is the neighbourhood prone to flooding?
  • Are the switches functioning properly? If this isn’t the case, the connection may be defective.
  • Is the hot water system operational?

Conduct research in the field

One must not buy a property on impulse. They add that many consumers express regret for not giving careful attention before purchasing a property. As a result, you should investigate the benefits of the property, and the neighbourhood limitations, and the crime rate, and ensure that you want to spend considerable time in that neighbourhood!

Determine why they’re selling

You should constantly inquire why the homeowner is selling the property – but in the most subtly possible manner. Yes, it would help if you delved into the story, but do it in a pleasant rather than aggressive tone. It may disclose more than you believe – this may help you better position your offer or provide you with the sole reason not to purchase that home!

Is the home near vital amenities?

This is critical if you have children. While living in a rural location has several advantages, potential houses should be accessible to essential amenities. The place should be close to grocery stores, a green space, and public transportation. If you have children, it’s logical that you’d want their schools to be close by. Or, at least, there must be a bus stop close by that connects to the school and some play area – children can drive you insane when they’re cooped up inside a home with nowhere to go!

Verify the titles to confirm they correspond to the right borders.

Hardly anything is off-limits when it comes to such a large investment. Thus, when purchasing a property, you must ensure that the property’s borders match those on the title. Inspect the boundaries – if you believe they are incorrect, have them verified by a surveyor. If your neighbour’s garage overflows into your property, this might create some problems in the future.

Examine your financial situation.

Many individuals purchase homes on the spot at home openings or through auctions, not knowing whether their home loan will be granted! Avoid disappointment by obtaining a pre-approval, or at the absolute least, speaking with a reputable mortgage broker to ascertain your eligibility to apply for the amount you want.

Hopefully, this post has covered several of the most critical points for looking at home designs in brisbane. Always do due diligence and conduct as much homework as possible before obtaining a new property.

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