What do 3D animators do?

Within the field of animation there are a multitude of roles and services that one can be a part of, like 2D or 3D animation. Both are similar in the aspect of creation animations, but while 2D artists work primarily with the 2D field, 3D artists work within the 3D field. The 3D field is used primarily in film, TV, commercials, or even game design. Some of the biggest works in the industry are within the Marvel cinematic universe where a good portion of the films are mastercrafted CGI or movies like the Lord of the Rings where a gain was added to the whole film to blend practical effects with the cgi so that audiences would feel more immersed. 

CGI is one of the primary aspects and uses within the 3D realm that digital artists come into contact with and it has a multitude of uses. CGI can be used to make graphics, logos, designs, video game design, and a multitude of other aspects. 

Incredible movies such as Toy Story (which brought 3d animation to the film screen for the first time), Cars, and Marvel’s Iron Man are all classics that showcased the ability of 3D animation. Each respective film was a clinic in what top tier 3D animation can do. Toy Story started the idea of using 3D animation within films starting with a relatively low amount for films especially with animated films and turned it into gold. Cars was revolutionary with its design bringing 3D animation to the world front again. Iron man used a new form of CGI and made it popular and started the rise of superhero films as a genre. 

Film is only one part of what 3D animations are, but the world of animation is a big one and the uses are endless. Animators can be brought in when designing any moving part of an object or shape. 

What is Mocap — The Science and Art Behind Motion Capture

(Motion capture is being used to create some of the largest blockbuster films. Credit: Studiobinder) 

Another cool aspect of 3D animation is being able to motion capture to help animate onto a model. This involves the use of motion capture equipment such as a MOCAP suit that will track the body of the wearer and record those movements. These can be transferred in real time to a model that you would be able to see, move, and interact with. Primarily this software is used in film and video game design, but some DJ’s have used this to add a level to their sets such as Skrillex in 2010 who used a MOCAP suit to create an avatar on a screen that DJed along with him. This had to be done beforehand to align with the suit by a 3D animator. 

3D animators are also responsible for creating moving models for intricate projects, like recreating a space flight with accurate data, modeling how an aircraft would fly, or how a car would drive and look doing it. All these applications are pieces of a puzzle investors would want to see before funding a project and way before finalization of any service or project.

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