What Are the Most Common Types of Loans?

Do you need help paying for something?

The median income for Americans falls around $67,000 annually. While this may allow you to live comfortably, it may not pay for everything you need in life, like an expansion on the house or the kids’ college tuition.

Loans allow you to borrow large sums of money upfront and then pay it back in reasonable increments. This lets you live the life you want without a waiting period!

Read on to learn about getting a loan and the different types of loans you might apply for.

Student Loans

Need money now?

Unless you fall into a top percent who receives full scholarships, schooling will cost you a lot of money. Pushing back your education also means setting yourself back financially as you must complete college to land that higher-paying position. Because most kids do not come out of high school with access to significant funds, students have many kinds of loans.

Federally subsidized loans for those who show financial need defers payments and interest until after graduation! Unsubsidized loans go out to any students applying for a loan without proof of financial need. Students who can prove repayment ability can go after private loans that may cover their cost of living and other expenses so school work can remain their focus.

Unsecured Personal Loan

If you need to pay for something big, like your wedding or credit card debt, but cannot put any collateral against it, then you need an unsecured personal loan. You may pay less interest on this loan with a good credit score than you would on a credit card. If you have a low credit score, shop around, or you may get hit with high interest rates.

Secured Personal Loans

If you already own big things, like a car and a home, you may qualify for a bigger loan with lower interest rates. Secured personal loan options work for people who can offer up collateral.

For instance, getting a solid loan is much easier when you can borrow against your house with an equity loan or your car with a title loan. Search “title loans near me” to use your car as collateral. But, understand that you must only take what you can pay back, or else you risk losing your assets.  You can use the equity that you have in your vehicle, to get the fast money that you need, no matter what your credit score is, you can get the best title loans in Missouri with bad credit.

Small Business Loans

Did you find yourself in the catch 22 of needing money to make money? A small business can cost you thousands to begin.

If you can qualify for a small business loan, it may work better than a personal loan. Often they require smaller down payments and come with lower interest rates.

Just watch that the terms sit your needs. Sometimes they require quicker repayments than other loan types, which can hurt you in the long run if your business picks up slowly.

Research All Types of Loans

Look into all types of loans before you borrow money. See what types you qualify for and which best suits your needs.

Get yourself the lowest interest rates with the best terms possible. The ability to offer collateral typically makes this an easier feat.

We offer tips to help make more money as well. Find helpful hints on our business page.

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