What Are the Different Types of Pressure Washers That Exist Today?

Pressure washers are a great resource for cleaning tasks. There are many types of pressure washers out there.

They differ from the types of water they use to the design of the trigger pulls. The features incorporated in the washer make them suitable for almost any cleaning task.

In this article, we will talk about the different types of pressure washers and what makes them unique. Hopefully, this content will help you choose which one is right for you.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is the process of using high pressure to clean any surface or object. By putting pressurized, hot water through a specialized nozzle onto an object, you are able to remove dirt and debris.

The process precisely removes dirt from cracks and crevices that accumulate debris over time. It’s also used for getting rid of mold, algae, moss, and mildew. In most cases, it appears on siding, patio furniture, and pool decks.

The nozzle comes in various sizes depending on the amount of pressure needed. Most often, nozzle tips range from 0-2500 psi, but some nozzles can achieve 3500psi+. The higher the psi number, the more powerful the spray. 

While 0-2500 is used for cleaning purposes, an extremely high psi number would be necessary if wanting to strip paint off of a surface.

Also, you may have seen pressure washing in action on infomercials. Primarily, it’s used by many homeowners to clean their homes. Whether it’s siding, patio furniture, driveways, patios, or decks, power washing can clean almost anything with its high-pressure stream of water.

The Purpose of Pressure Washing

One of the most common uses for power washing is to remove mold and mildew from concrete surfaces. It gets rid of stains on sidewalks, patios, driveways, floor drains, and parking garages. The high pressure that these machines generate is very effective at removing unsightly substances.

Because of pressure washing, it’s possible to use porous surfaces for parking lots again instead of having to pave over them every few years. Most people think of residential homes when they hear the term pressure washing. However, there are many other places where this process is beneficial.

Commercial buildings benefit from professional exterior cleaning because it allows owners to display their business in a professional manner. It attracts customers when an establishment looks clean and professional.    

Many service companies offer cleaning of office spaces and stores as part of a regularly scheduled maintenance plan. This is actually more cost-effective than waiting for problems to arise and then taking care of the issue. Doing things that way is more expensive.

Outdoor restaurants are interested in routine pressure washing. It allows them to keep their patio areas open during seasons when they may have to close due to inclement weather conditions. Not to mention, bad weather causes damage, creates slippery surfaces, or makes customers uncomfortable.        

Pressure washers are invaluable tools for professional painters who want to remove paint from surfaces before applying new coats. Even major construction companies will use this process prior to laying down new concrete.

It helps the surface adhere better and dry quickly. Pressure washing makes construction projects go more smoothly.

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The Different Types of Pressure Washers

Are you curious to know the different types of pressure washers that exist today? If so, check out the list below:

Gasoline Engine

This type of pressure washer requires that a gas tank be attached to the machine in order to run it.  Some newer models have been fitted with an electric start-up system, which operates when an electric generator is being used instead of a gas engine. Gasoline pressure washers are more expensive, but they can last over 20 years.

Electric Powered

This pressure washer is powered by electricity. Many types of power outlets use the electric version, including 110 volts, 220 volts, or 575 volts. 

While this works great for most  jobs around the house, it does limit portability. An electrical cord must be attached to the machine in order for it to operate properly.


Battery powered pressure washers are essentially the same as electric-powered ones. But instead of being plugged into a standard outlet, they are powered by rechargeable batteries. As a result, it provides enough energy to run them during use and recharge when they are not in use. 

This pressure washer is great for portability and works anywhere. Unfortunately, it requires recharging between uses. Plus, the types of jobs you can perform while using this kind of tool is limited due to battery life restrictions.

Working Pressure 

One important distinction that pressure washers have is how much working pressure they generate. Working pressure refers to the amount of force exerted from the machine when you pull the trigger to release water from it.

Pressure washers with a higher working pressure cost more. This is because it takes a lot more engineering effort to build a machine that generates a lot of force. Typically, anything over 3000 psi falls under this category. So, keep that in mind when searching for pressure washers.

Professional Cleaning: The Types of Pressure Washers

Thank you for reading this article! Hopefully, it has helped you discover the types of pressure washers out there, so you can take your cleaning to a new level.  After all, you can’t accomplish commercial cleaning without pressure washing.

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