What Are the Different Types of Power Generators That Exist Today?

Power generators are among the most helpful innovations of the last century. They have tons of uses. They can provide a backup power source for a house when it loses power.

They can also serve commercial ends. For instance, you can use a power generator to run equipment on a construction job site.

The energy industry has ensured that power generators can handle several critical functions. However, finding the best power generator depends on choosing the appropriate types of power generators for your needs.

Several types of power generators exist, each with its “specialty.” To find the generator you need, check out our guide below!

Types of Power Generators: Portable Options

One of the most convenient generator options is the portable type. These products can be either a gasoline or diesel-power generator. Depending on the type of fuel it uses, it may be wise to find a commercial oil supplier with experience in generators. 

All portable generators use a combustion engine to conduct electricity. They also include sockets that you can use to plug in tools. You can use these same sockets to wire the generator to facility subpanels.

Portable generators have become a popular option for many reasons. However, one of the most critical is that you can carry them to remote sites. If there aren’t many sources of electricity at your destination, portable generators can solve the problem.

Inverter Generators 

Portable generators use a combustion engine to generate electricity. Inverter generators, however, use an engine that connects to an alternator to generate AC power.

These generators rely on intricate magnets to function, which can make their generator maintenance complicated. Further complicating their maintenance is their advanced electronic circuitry.

If you want to preserve these generators for long periods, it may be best to have professionals examine the generator. So, why does the system require such intricacy?

The answer is because of its generation process. Inverter generators utilize a three-stage process to generate electricity.

This system makes it more energy-efficient. Inverter generators tend to be smaller and more lightweight options than other generator products. You can fit one in a standard vehicle with little trouble. 

Standby Generator 

The final popular generator type is the standby generator. This electrical system operates with an automatic transfer switch. Should a power loss occur, this switch commands it to power up a device.

There are a few distinguishing features to a standby system. For example, it operates automatically and delivers constant power protection.

It can operate on two types of fuel sources. Either liquid propane or natural gas can power a standby system’s internal combustion engine.

Lastly, this system operates weekly tests to ensure it’s working well. This testing occurs automatically, sparing you the trouble of doing them yourself.

Find the Best Power Generator for Your Needs

The types of power generators you need will change drastically depending on your needs. If you want to power a cabin in the woods, a portable generator will suffice. However, if you run a large operation that needs constant coverage, a standby option is your best choice.

We hope this article was helpful! If so, check out our other content today.

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