What Are the Different Types of Marketing That Exist Today?

Becoming a small business owner or entrepreneur is an exciting new venture. It provides a way for you to make a living on your terms, doing what you’re passionate about.

However, 20% of small businesses fail in the first year. Half of them fail by year five. 

How can you avoid this fate? How can you ensure your business stays relevant and continues to make you money?

Ultimately, it comes down to the different types of marketing you use to promote your brand. In order for your to generate leads and make sales, you have to get your marketing message out in front of consumers. 

We can help you. Keep reading to learn about the main types of marketing that exist today. 

Search Engine Marketing 

First, lets’ take a look at one of the most effective types of marketing for driving traffic to your website – search engine marketing. Also referred to as SEM, search engine marketing is all about improving your visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  It can be broken down into two categories, SEO and PPC. 

SEO is organic search engine optimization. Your SEO rankings are based on SEO coding embedded in your site. This includes keywords, links, meta descriptions, images, videos, and more. 

PPC is the paid version of SEO. You can pay search engine sites to bring your site up at the top of search inquires that use certain keywords. This is smart marketing, whether you have a strong organic SEO reach or not. 

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best types of marketing to connect with consumers, publish content, promote your products, and elevate your brand recognition. That’s because the majority of Americans are on social media multiple times a day.

The three major categories of social media marketing are organic marketing, paid advertising, and influencer marketing. 

Organic marketing, essentially, is posting for free and using the app’s algorithm to gain more followers. Paid advertising allows you to expand your reach and choose your target demographic of users. 

Influencer marketing uses the help of people on social media who have a high number of devoted followers. You can pay them or give them free products to help you market your brand to their audiences. 

Content Marketing

Finally, content creation is an innovative marketing strategy that is used to develop a stronger relationship with consumers. By posting content that’s valuable to your audience, you can build credibility in your brand. 

These types of marketing include social media posts, emails, and blog articles. For this strategy to be effective, you need to create killer content – content that your readers want or need. This can be guides, advice, tips, tutorials, entertainment, and more. 

Ultimately, the type of content you should publish depends on your industry and niche. You have to create content specifically for your target audience. 

Want to Learn More About the Different Types of Marketing?

The marketing industry is a tough nut to crack. You can spend years studying the different types of marketing and never become the best marketer. While you absolutely should learn how to market your company, we also recommend working with a professional marketing Igloo agency to get your business on the map. 

This is especially important for new business owners. And if you’re looking for more business advice, look no further. Our blog was created to help entrepreneurs like you find the information they need to succeed. 

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