What Are the Best Pick-up Truck Upgrades That I Can Get Today?

Did you hear about the 3-cab conversion?

Now, some specialty shops are willing to add an extra row to your ride. That means somewhere out there, someone’s driving a pickup with 3 rows! That’s one long truck.

Are you thinking about buying a truck, but want to add accessories to make it your own? Or perhaps you’ve had a pickup for a while, and you’re looking to freshen things up. Whatever the case may be, this short guide about upgrading your truck will help point you in the right direction.

Read on to learn about the top truck upgrades, so you can have the ride you’ve always wanted.

Aftermarket Wheels and Tires

First on our list of truck upgrades, let’s talk wheels, rims, and tires. Instead of sticking with the tires that came with your car, you can visit a site like Ozzytyres.com.au for customized options. Before rushing into a decision though, we suggest you look at a few different sets of custom wheels.

Look at wheels specially designed for your car’s model, year, and even color. This is a great way to narrow down your choices. After looking at the different styles, you can start honing in on the safety features available.

A proper fit is vital when you’re choosing custom wheels. The overall diameter has to be on point, along with the offset and backspace.

The balance and backspace refer to how far inside and outside the wheel sits on the wheel well. If your backspace isn’t correct, you’ll have problems with the steering.

Next, you’ll need to consider what size you’re looking for. As you’re looking at the different sizes, note the tire sidewall. Please pay attention to how the tire sidewall looks different when it’s higher or shorter.

Next, pay attention to the profile of the tire. Low-profile tires tend to have a sleek appearance for pickup trucks, no matter what model you own.

Finally, the bolt pattern matters too. When you’re buying aftermarket wheels and tires, the bolts have to match your vehicle’s bolt pattern.

Headlight Conversion Kit

Do you want to make your truck cooler and safer at the same time? Then you need a headlight conversion kit. About 50% of fatal car accidents happen at night. However, with the right headlights, you could spot potential hazards from further away.

Sometimes, pickup trucks are already fitted at the factory with a set of LED lamps. If yours didn’t come with LED or HID lamps, you might be tempted to take a DIY approach. However, installing a set of cheap LED bulbs isn’t going to give your pickup truck the same impressive effect.

Usually, the light output for aftermarket LED bulbs doesn’t match the lumen output of old halogen bulbs. By trying to install cheap LEDs on your own, you could wind up creating a glare rather than illuminating the road ahead. Instead, you’ll need to have professionals install the real deal.

One of the most significant advantages of installing aftermarket LED lights is that they stay cooler than halogen bulbs. LEDs take very little power to operate, which means they don’t create excess heat. Another advantage is that LEDs have a longer lifespan than regular bulbs.

Finally, when deciding what set of LED headlights to have installed, we suggest looking for ones that have a moisture-proof container. You won’t have to worry about frequently replacing the bulbs or getting a ticket because a light fails.

Spray in Bed Liner

Next, let’s talk about how you can upgrade the bed of your truck. You expect your pickup truck to handle a lot of wear and tear. Trucks are designed for hard work, whether that means transporting plywood or even moving debris out of your yard.

However, after spending a ton of money upgrading your truck, the idea of scratching up the pickup truck bed is just unsettling. Thankfully, now you can protect your mattress by using a spray-in bed liner.

The bed liner will be able to defend your truck’s natural metal bed from all sorts of damage. We suggest buying a spray-in bed liner that features a skid-resistant surface. That’ll make it easier for things to stay in place instead of sliding around.

Why not just get a drop-in bed liner? Spray-in bed liners are better at protecting your truck from rust. They won’t allow debris and water to collect underneath them. Another advantage is that spray and bed liners offer the best traction.

However, if you’re not ready to make a permanent change to your pickup truck, then steer clear of the spray in choice. Spray-in liners are a permanent decision.

Customized Running Boards

Moving on, take a step up by giving your truck brand, new running boards. As you begin shopping for running boards, you’ll notice all sorts of designs and features. Instead of price shopping, we urge you to feature shop.

Notice what running boards offer the width and durability that you’re looking for. Next, think about safety. On top of safety features, you’ll also need to consider how the running boards will mesh with the aesthetic appearance of your truck.

For instance, if you’re looking for discreet running boards, look for ones with a Nerf bar style. The nerf bars use a round-like tube rather than a broad stepping area.

Typically, Nerf running boards will go from wheel to wheel. They provide a discrete stepping point on the truck side without asking for attention.

If you want more impressive running boards, then check out off-roading options. For instance, you could get a pair of side armor aluminum running boards that provide a widespread to step on. Not to mention, side armor aluminum boards look super cool.

Planning for Truck Upgrades

What truck upgrades are you thinking would look good on your ride?

A headlight conversion kit to light things up? Running boards to make getting in and out of your truck easier? Of course, one of the most noticeable upgrades is giving your pick-up a new set of wheels and tires.

Pick 1 of the upgrades from this article, and start exploring your options online. Remember to consider the overall look you want your truck to have as you look at different brands. For more tips, take a look at what the rest of this site is all about.

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