What Are the Advantages of Renting Construction Equipment?

Did you know starting a business in the construction industry has one of the highest failure rates? Sadly, 53% of construction companies fail to stay in business. 

When running your own company, it’s essential to make intelligent business decisions. When you’re just getting started, renting construction equipment could make or break your business’s success. 

What are the benefits of renting different types of construction equipment? Read on for more information about the benefits of renting construction equipment. 

Reducing Costs

Every good business owner needs to keep costs down. The success of the company depends on wise and frugal decisions. This is especially true in the early days.

Renting equipment needed for the job is less expensive than buying individual pieces of equipment. 

There are no upkeep costs, insurance fees, or other aspects involved with owning your equipment. Shop around to find the best price for construction equipment rentals in your area. You want to find a well-known and reliable company, like Stone Equipment, to complete the job.

No Depreciation Worries

When we buy a new car, the value immediately goes down when we pull a car off the lot.

Some machines maintain their value better than others. But, everything depreciates over time and use.

Once you decide to sell your equipment, you will likely lose money on the sale. This is due to depreciation and marketing or broker fees.

Renting saves you from the headache and stress of depreciation or replacement value.

No Maintenance or Extra Space Needed 

Owning your equipment requires storage space and maintenance.

However, most companies provide for the repairs, maintenance, and storage of the equipment. Also, if anything breaks down during a project, the company you rented from should offer complimentary emergency care.

Check with the company you choose to rent from to see what their emergency field service policies are. The best construction equipment rental companies will offer 24-hour service. That goes a long way toward helping you meet your project deadline.

Tailored Equipment

With renting, you gain firsthand experience with some of the best built-in technology. This helps operators finish their tasks with far less effort than older models.

You can handpick the right equipment for each project without the added expense of shopping for your own. When you have the means to buy your own equipment, you’ll have sampled the different types of construction equipment out there.

Consider Renting Construction Equipment

Whether you’re after success with your new construction company or you’re a seasoned business owner, there are many advantages to renting construction equipment. You’ll save money, headaches, and have the pick of the litter! 

In the end, it could be the thing that makes or breaks your business! And we want you to stay on the right side of that 53%. 

For more information on renting construction equipment, come back and visit our blog. We are always updating it with your construction needs in mind.

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