What are Spa Chemicals?

Who doesn’t want to hear about spa day ideas, after all?  Blog posts like this one are popular for a reason, of course.  I love getting inspiration for pampering myself – edible chocolate face masks or getting wine for the occasion are just some of the fun things to consider.  However, what do we do once the enjoyment is over?

Different Chemicals to Know

When we own a hot tub, keeping the water clean and safe is something important.  It’s a good idea to test the pH levels after every use, in fact, just to be certain.  It shouldn’t be too high or too low on the scale.  How can we do this, and are there any elements we should be worried about showing up?


You probably recognize this as the reason to drink milk, but it’s fairly prevalent in our water as well!  It’s usually not something to worry about, but it is a contributing factor to the hardness or softness of what comes from our faucets.  Hardness could lead to mineral buildup, so just be mindful of this.

Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate

The former of these is a pH level increaser.  The later will increase alkalinity.  These should be utilized when the water is too acidic, or lower numbers on the scale.  Ideally, we should be aiming for a seven, since that is where most pools go for as well (take it from a lifeguard who handled that). 

Most people know the characteristic smell of this chemical, but not why it’s so useful in pools and spa tubs.  If you decide to buy hot tub water chemicals, chances are you’ll find this in whatever catalogue you explore.  This is because it’s a sanitizer and sterilizer.

Chlorine kills off bacteria, funguses, and viruses that might be lingering in the water.  Additionally, it prevents growth or regrowth because it creates an environment inconduciveto their survival.  The scent actually comes from the chemical doing what it is meant to do, so don’t be intimidated by it.  It’s rather comforting, really, and nostalgic for a lot of us too.


This is another option for sterilizing a tub for those who are sensitive to chlorine or allergic to it.  Just keep in mind that bromine can also cause skin irritation.  It does come in tablet form, though, making it a hassle-free choice for the most part.


A shock treatment should be given to a tub any time contamination has occurred.  You can do it any time you like, though.  It involves a large dose of your oxidizer, which is usually chlorine or bromine.  The result should be clearer and cleaner water, and it’s a good thing to include in a cleaning routine if you have one.

Enjoying Your Jacuzzi After

Once you have the materials you need to keep it maintained, you can go wild with having fun.  Maybe this is inviting your friends over and having a party.  Serve up some cocktails and enjoy the bubbling warmth together. 

If you prefer to fly solo, a spa night might be perfect for you.  You can get some ideas here, https://www.glamour.com/gallery/13-diy-at-home-spa-tricks-2008-11, and you can even include your significant other if it sounds like a good couple’s activity!  I encourage it, really, especially if quality time has been lacking lately due to busy work schedules.

What are some things you can do on an evening like this, though?  Well, the first thing I like to do is light my favorite candle or burn my favorite incense.  I’m kind of basic so I go with vanilla scents butdo what you like!  After that, I prepare towels and a nice fluffy robe for when I get out of the tub.

Grabbing a book is another fun idea.  Be it a new one or a familiar friend, either can be engaging and relaxing.  The goal isn’t to stress yourself out, though, so maybe don’t reach for a thriller for this purpose.

Skin care along the way is a great way to multitask on the spoiling yourself.  You could try an edible one like I mentioned above, but I usually prefer fruity scents that leave my skin feeling bright and fresh after.  If I want to eat chocolate, I’ll probably just have a little tray of snacks and a beverage ready for me on the side!

Just be sure you do follow up on your cleaning routine after usage.  Even if you wait until the morning after, you’ll be thankful not to have to worry more later on.

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