What are seven chakra stones?

The seven chakras in the body might get some blockage, the purpose of the chakra stones is to assist in maintaining the energy flows of the human body. You might also wonder that what are seven Chakra stones and how they will assist in maintaining the energy flows inside the human body.

Seven types of chakra stones:

Many people have believed in chakra’s immense energy flows and the therapeutic attributes are the ones that make them so wonderful and acknowledged all around the world.

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There are seven basic types of chakra stones

·         Root chakra:

It is considered the first chakra and is red. The stones aligned with the root chakra are red coral, bloodstone, mahogany, or black Obsidian and tourmaline.

·         Sacral chakra:

it is considered the second chakra and is orange in color. Stones that are associated with the second chakra are orange carnelian, golden tiger’s eye, stilbite, garnet spessartine.

·         Solar chakra:

it is considered the third chakra and is yellow. The linked stones of the solar chakra are citrine, heliolite, amber, topaz, tiger’s goldeneye, and fire opal.

·         Heart chakra:

it is considered the fourth chakra and it’s green in color. The stones associated with the heart chakra are rose quartzes, green agate, green opal, amazonite, and rhodonite.

·         Throat chakra:

it is considered the fifth chakra and is blue. Stones that can be used to align the Qi energy patterns of the throat chakra are blue lace agate, blue howlite, aquamarine, turquoise, and kyanite.

·         Third eye chakra:

it is considered the sixth chakra and is indigo in color. The stones of the third eye chakra are lapis lazuli, sapphire, sodalite, azurite, and dumortierite

·         Crown chakra:

it is considered the seventh chakra and it’s violet or purple or white. Clear quartz, amethyst quartz, amethyst, moonstone, and labradorite.

The alignment of the chakra colors and stones:

The general rule of thumb is that you choose the chakra stone associated with the chakra color to balance your relative energy patterns or balance out the blocked energy pathways. However, there might be some exceptions like root chakra has a black stone.

How to use seven chakra stones?

Wondering how you will keep them aside you? You can follow the following tips:

·         Uses the chakra stones in your jewelry and proper locations should be kept in mind.

·         You can hang the chakra stones in the form of decorative items or even decorative home accessories by getting ideas of chakra stone placement from experts or online searching.

·         You can add chakra stone in your bath water and just take some time out while taking bath.

·         You can mediate by placing chakra alongside you it will surely balance the inner energy flows.

·         If recommended by a chakra expert you can sleep with it alongside your pillowcase.

Ending statement:

The above information of what are seven chakra stones will assist the Qi energy blockage in your spinal chakras. So, you might want to keep the chakra stones along with you all the time.Also visit: https://housedesigner.net/

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