What are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are a fantastic way to guide someone through a program, platform, or product. These may be animated or feature both live video and motion graphics. Explainer videos are powerful assets that can be used in evergreen campaigns as well as for repetition usage. This implies it’s critical to create engaging and perceptibly appealing video material.

How much are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos and E-learning animations are subject to change depending on the material and length. In the realm of explainer videos, you’ll discover a wide range of pricing and quality options. You may get a low-cost video from one single specialist, or you could go with one of the “Big Four” agencies with offices around the world and hundreds of employees in various specialities.

We price our services competitively at Tricks and optimize our processes to give you the greatest return on your investment. That means you’ll get high-end animation for a mid-range price. We don’t have entire teams of excess staff standing about waiting impatiently, but we do have a core group of professionals that can quickly scale up. This allows us to be adaptable and nimble for our clients’ benefit.

  • Brief – A clear picture of your issue will assist tie all of the personnel together from the start.
  • Messaging – Do you have a narrative in mind or do you require the assistance of some of our writers to help write the script?
  • Live Footage – Filming ordinary individuals in actual sites might increase the budget. From a single camera operator to directors, DOPs, and gaffers; recording genuine people in real places may boost costs.
  • Animated Content – You’re looking for a designer who can handle both 2D and 3D animation, or do you want to go the whole nine yards? Do you want to hire someone who specializes in 2D animations such as stop-motion or cel-shading? If so, how much experience does that person have with these techniques?
  • Duration – How much information and communication do you need to cram into your film? Learn more about the best video lengths here. NB: While more material may add extra work to your project, it isn’t a linear scale, and other elements such as creative style and deadline deadlines may influence it.
  • Narration/Voice Over – Do you have a voiceover and a script? If you want someone famous (like that guy on the X-Factor) to do your voiceover or appear in the film’s closing sequence, you’ll need to budget for it.
  • Music – Getting the sound right is important since “audio is half of the experience,” according to Lucas.
  • Legalities – Permissions and licensing might alter the project’s scope dramatically. Do you require clearance for multi-territory TV slots, or is this strictly internal production?
  • Workflow – Who are the project’s key stakeholders? If you’re waiting for approval from a committee, it might push back the completion date and raise production expenses.

How long do Explainer Videos take to make?

Many of the factors described above will have an impact on both production budgets and timelines. You’re getting things down to work if you’ve planned with your i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Tricks Studio like diving right into it and assisting in framing an animated film’s debate and structure, so there isn’t anything wrong or right about it. Tricks Studio will be honest with our expected deadlines and how much time we’ve set aside before we start collaborating.

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