Welding vs Brazing: What’s the Difference?

Did you know that there are more than 400,000 welders in the United States of America? Welding is an important part of manufacturing and building metal structures, but brazing is also important. The two might seem like the same thing but there are certain things that set them apart when you compare welding vs brazing.

If you’re unsure of the differences and the uses for brazing vs welding then today is your lucky day. You’ve come to the perfect place to learn more about what is welding and what is brazing, as well as the uses for each.

Keep reading this article to learn more about welding vs brazing today.

What Is Welding?

Welding is what occurs when a welder uses a welding torch to join two metals together. It works by producing immense amounts of heat to melt the metal and fuse it to another piece of metal. Welding the two metals together is great because it produces great strength.

In general, welding is the better option to choose if you’re joining two thick pieces of metal together. Welding is cost-effective and is known for creating quality joints that have a lot of strength. It does produce blinding light and toxic fumes when you’re welding two pieces of metal together. The welders at swensonwelding.net are great if you need help with welding.

What Is Brazing?

Brazing is similar to welding because it involves using immense heat to join multiple materials into one thing. Brazing works by finding the melting point of the metals you’re working with and then using a mold to create a strong and durable metal part. This is why brazing vs braze welding is used in industries like the automotive industry and the aerospace industry.

It provides great flexibility because you’ll have no problems joining materials like steel to materials like diamonds, graphite, and carbide. One reason that people love brazing strength vs welding is the fact that you don’t need to melt the base metal.

You also gain the ability to join non-metal materials like a diamond to metal materials like steel and copper to create immensely strong parts. If you’re building something that requires multiple parts then you’ll find that brazing is much more efficient. This is especially true for complex assembly processes.

Most of all, you’ll have a much easier time creating a strong and clean joint when you choose brazing vs welding for your metal works.

Now You Know the Difference Between Welding vs Brazing

From the outside looking in, there isn’t much that separates welding vs brazing even though the two are very different. Both involve using massive amounts of heat to join two different objects together but there are a number of things that separate the two when comparing brazing vs welding. Welding is perfect for joining two metal pieces together while brazing allows you to join metal to non-metal objects.

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