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Website scanning and auditing are considered an important aspects of winning a higher position on the search rankings. I

n this three-minute post, we will tell you about the best online seo checker tools that can help you find errors in your website. Scanning a website in the past was considered impossible, but today things have changed and have become much more advanced.

Because of digital advancement and search engine optimization tools, one can easily check the seo score and the errors on the website.

There are hundreds of different seo tools available on the internet, but not all are reliable. So based on our research and experience, we have listed out the most effective utility for you guys.

Best SEO score checking tool for finding seo errors!

Here we have discussed the most popular and reliable choice that you can find online these days.

Website SEO Checker – SmallSEOTools

If you want to find out the exact seo score of a website, you must try this utility. SmallSEOTools is the home to hundreds of free and reliable tools. The website seo checker by is a very popular choice when analyzing the seo position of your website. You can check your seo score in less than seconds with the help of this free tool. You have to add the name of your domain or the URL in the tool and get results.

Working steps of this online seo checker tool

  1. Open the website seo checker tool by smallseotools on your browser.
  2. Copy-paste the domain name or the URL of the website in the empty input boxes.
  3. Click on the button that says ‘check seo score.
  4. Start a new search!

With the help of this website seo checker tool, you would not only get the seo score of the site, but you would also be able to:

What can you find out with this website seo checker tool?

  • See what is going on your website on a general level.
  • Discover seo issues on the website or page.
  • Can find out what works and what doesn’t on the website.
  • Identify what needs to be replaced, removed or improved.

If you want to know what and how this seo checker tool is different from others in this league, then we would suggest you read the key points that we have listed below for you:

Key features of the website seo checker by smallseotools!

Here are some of the features which would help you trust this seo checker tool

● SEO Score

As the name tells us, this tool is used for finding the seo score of a website. There are hundreds of online tools and applications that can help you get a seo audit report for your website, but not all of them can grade the seo score. This tool is going to give you the exact points which would help you understand where you stand. If your score comes out low, then you have to focus on optimizing the weak points.

● SEO Test

This tool would also run multiple seo tests on your websites and would tell you how your site has performed in them. It would give you complete reports on the tests that it has passed and the ones that it has failed. You can find the status of the test and other data on the tool.

● SEO Grading and Certification

This tool, as we have told you earlier, isn’t just a score finder. Rather you must know that with the help of this tool, you can easily grade your site against different metrics given by the search engines. Based on the performance and tests conducted by the tool, your site would get small or large certifications.

● Keyword analysis

The tool is capable of checking and finding out keywords and their ranking positions against multiple search engines. The tool would tell you whether you need to change or remove the keywords you have already used on your website.

● Screenshots

The website seo checker tool has a special feature that enables it to take screenshots of your website for both mobile and desktop devices. Based on screenshots, you can easily analyze the design of the website. You can improve or change the design of the website if you find something unappealing.

● Server and security tests

Here you should also know that Google takes security very seriously. A secure website would always win the higher ranking positions without any doubt. This online tool would test your website for security. These tests include HTTPS test, server signature test, safe browsing test, director browsing test, and plain email test!

So you see, by using the best seo audit tool, you can check seo scores and know about advanced seo metrics and the ways to improve your site. Finding seo errors has become very easy since seo score and website audit checking tools like this one!

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