Wall Art Ideas for Home

Decorating walls is an art. In addition to paint, wallpaper and decorative vinyl, we have many other options to dress your home wall with style, elegance and personality. Here are some ideas for decorating the walls of your home, which will surely not leave you indifferent.

In all homes there are walls that we do not know very well how to fill, they are walls that are empty, that have no furniture and that we do not know how to decorate.

If you have found yourself in this situation and you have wondered how to decorate a wall? Then we show you some ideas and tips to decorate the walls of your house in a different way.

Decorate the walls of the living room

Wall art

In interior decoration, the first idea that comes to mind when faced with an empty wall is works of art. And it is logical; these graffiti wall art paintings are a very good way to add personality to the walls of the house and the decoration of the living room.

Decorate the living room wall with photos

Prints and photographs are a widely used resource in Nordic decoration. Any type of photography with illustrations, representations of famous paintings, graphic designs and above all, geometric patterns and stripes are welcome in a Scandinavian home.

Open shelves on the walls of the living room

The shelves that extend over the walls are a fantastic idea, and more, if they are the same color. And they are perfect for decorating a small living room.

A tree to decorate the living room

Ideal for large spaces and very high ceilings, a tree in the living room always gives joy and a note of color.

Ethnic objects to decorate the wall

Antiques, ethnic objects, large vases and pieces from all over the world have the power to transform any space.Surely, one of the most admired and well-known art forms in Africa, African masks, with their strength and beauty, have conquered the orange wall decor of half the world.

African baskets on the walls

Thanks to their design and color, African baskets have become a must have to decorate the walls of the house. And it is that the African decoration is fashionable!

Traditional African doors

Another deeply rooted tradition in some African tribes is the decoration of doors and windows. Especially known throughout the world, are the doors of the Dogon tribe of Mali. And it is that dressing the walls with old traditional African doors has a lot of roll.

Handira blankets to decorate the wall

Another article that comes from Africa, and more specifically from Morocco, is the beautiful handira blankets. Woven and embroidered by hand with natural wool, and commonly used by Berber brides on their wedding day, handira are perfect for dressing the walls of the house.

Textures on the walls

You can also play with different textures such as ceramic, wood, and clay. But don’t overdo it, make sure they are within the same tonal family and that they match the color of the paint on the living room walls.

How to decorate the bedroom walls

When decorating a room, the bed is generally the central element of the bedroom. So surely, it is behind it, the ideal place to dress the wall as if it were an original headboard.

Walls decorated with photos

In minimalist interiors such as Nordic decoration, a resource widely used to break the monotony of white that floods everything, is the use of prints and photographs on the walls.

Wicker objects on the wall

We can also play with wicker objects, whether they are baskets, baskets, and even hats. Naturalness, warmth and elegance, for a more Mediterranean style.

Decoration with logs and dry branches

The decoration with wooden trunks and dry branches is also a resource widely used in the coolest and bohemian stores, and that you can use perfectly at home. If you go for a walk in the woods, you know… more wood!

Decorate the kitchen wall

Kitchens are one of the most difficult spaces in the home to decorate since they are places where functionality prevails over decoration. But luckily, we can use two resources, which in addition to being practical, can give a lot of personality to the kitchen decoration.

Slate wall

Original, practical and fun, a blackboard wall is perfect to write the shopping list on it or leave messages for the most clueless of the family.

Open shelves on the kitchen wall

You can leave the kitchen shelves open, and play with the various objects to decorate your kitchen. You will have to decide what is going to be visible on the walls, so you will have to be more careful with what you show.

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