Useful tips to score 100% in CBSE Board exams

You may perhaps be studying class 10 now and preparing for the board exams for 2022. If so, then it becomes important to know how to score 100% in the CBSE board exams. It is not that easy and only hard work will not help you achieve your set goals. Rather, you need to avail the tricks and tips offered by the leading coaching institutions like Cuemath to become the topper. The professionals will teach you how to tackle the difficult areas so that you can comfortably score 100 in maths and other subjects. You will be provided with class 10 maths ncert solutions that can prove to be more than helpful and allow you to do math with great ease and confidence.

Importance of board exams

Examinations do play an important role in the lives of all students. They help review your knowledge gained throughout the academic session. It also helps you to realise your strengths and weaknesses and understand where you stand when compared with other students. In today’s highly competitive world, you need to be ahead of the others to derive career opportunities. It is here that numbers mean a lot for students eager to pursue higher studies and get lucrative posts in the country and abroad combined with excellent pay packages. You can get NCERT solutions from the experts that can further simplify your study process.

Board exams can also be termed to be a stepping stone to enhance the professional future of all students. It is rather considered to be a merit test. Accomplishing the exam successfully takes you to another level.

Importance of marks obtained in the board exam

Marks are crucial in the exams, and you have to study a lot to obtain full marks in the board exam. It is on the marks obtained that determines which stream is available for you to continue your further studies. Pursuing some higher course requires you to have top numbers when compared to a few that might not be that stringent with marks. In short, marks help determine in which stream you can do specialisation with to improve your job and career prospects. It also allows you to know which reputed college or educational institution you are eligible to apply to, since most well-established colleges have cut off marks for specific courses.

Why are pre-board exams vital?

It helps students to realize how well they have completed their preparation of the different subjects. It rather helps plan our studies properly and understand which subject is to be given the maximum time and which one with less time. This exam is vital as it helps students to start preparing much better for their final board exams. You can take essential steps and work on those weaker areas without getting stressed out. Pre Boards are generally conducted a couple of months ahead of the final board exam to help the students gain confidence in their abilities.

Essential tips to incorporate in the study schedule to manage difficult area before the board exam

  • Note-making: If limited time is available, then it is not possible to revise the entire syllabus right from the beginning. Hence, draw diagrams, list down main points and prepare short notes. It will be helpful to quickly recall tough answers. You can also grasp important points better, thereby remembering it well.
  • Plan schedule in advance: Once you understand your weak areas, the next work will be to take out additional time to deal with the tough lessons. Come up with a timetable, prioritize and tackle the weaker sections first.
  • While studying, understand the given concepts: It will not be of much use if you simply mug up the theories without actually getting to understand the basic concepts.
  • Solve questions papers of at least previous 10 years: Practicing this technique can help boost your self-confidence. You can also get to know the type of questions that you are likely to face in the actual board exam. Accordingly, you can start your preparations.
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