Use a Sobriety Calculator to Kick Start Your Recovery Process

You must have heard of recovering alcoholics using a sobriety calculator. This tool is designed to help addicts stay sober and keep their treatment on track. It is integral to the 12 steps of AA and motivates addicts to stay off drinks and drugs. The Alcoholics Anonymous program hands out tokens and chips to members for achieving milestones on their recovery journey. These tokens act as awards that recognize the hard work and commitment put in by an addict. 

Why is the sobriety calculator a great motivator for addicts?

AA meetings take pride in honoring their members for having stayed sober. This is why they offer sobriety chips which represent the number of days/months that an addict has been sober. The first time these were handed out was in 1942 in Indianapolis, and today, it is integral to both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. When addicts are provided with physical medallions, they feel proud of how far they have come. They draw strength and inspiration from these that are reminders of the struggles and hardships they have conquered.

You will find AA meetings handing out these chips at different times of the year; sometimes, every month, as celebration. The white chip is for 24 hours of staying sober, and is a symbol of hope. Every such duration is represented by a different chip color. Chips which celebrate a whole year of staying sober are rather special and usually tri-plated or bronze plated. Recovering addicts feel a lot of pride in flaunting their chips.

Should you use a sobriety calculator to jump start your recovery?

You must keep a track of your journey on the path to recovery to make sure you do not digress from your goal. Recovery after treatment is a long-drawn and difficult process. Chances of relapse are very high in the absence of any medical supervision. It is here that a sobriety calculator can be a huge help. It helps you to set reasonable goals for yourself and celebrates when you achieve these. This makes recovery less stressful and you are filled with hope and encouragement to continue your hard work.

Today, when an addict follows the 12 traditions of AA, he will be keen to use this tool to heal faster. One can even download a sobriety calculator app on his smartphone to monitor his progress. Without a celebration of these milestones, you can feel dejected and lose focus. Emotional triggers can get you back to drinking before you know it. The sobriety calculator is like your guide, helping you navigate through troubled waters.

Finding free sobriety calculators these days isn’t a problem. Most websites which provide useful information about location of AA meetings in your city will also offer a sobriety calculator. Remember that sobriety is going to be a lifetime journey requiring a high degree of commitment and patience. It is advisable to go slow and set realistic targets. Recovery from alcohol depends on how strong your willpower is; so, it will not be the same for everyone. Tracking the duration for which you have successfully stayed sober is very important when you follow the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. It keeps you going, especially during the rough days.

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