Try These Chic Wall Décor Ideas to Give Your Home a New Look

Whether you live in a small apartment or a huge country home, there is one common problem that we often face, what do we do with big, blank walls which have no windows? Some find these blank walls refreshing, while some admittingly feel stressed about it. If you are looking for some innovative ideas to decorate your walls with the help of a professional picture hanging service? Then here you go.

1. Frame a fabric- Yes you read that right, framing a fabric to beautify your space is a trend that’s catching up fast. If you wish to add an ethnic touch to your house, then look for Indian fabric prints of ikat and the likes. They look gorgeous because of the vibrant colors and different patterns. You can choose a couple of different fabrics and hang them together like a cluster on the wall, or you can also make a wall-size frame to cover the entire wall. Get the same fabric stitched into a table runner for your dining area to establish coordination with this unique wall décor idea. 

2. Hang a rug- This is also a different way to spice up the blank wall of your living room or even your bedroom. Colorful rugs of different materials and fabric can be hung on the wall to give it a nice twist. It’s a budget-friendly and easy-to-implement idea.

3. Mirrors- Adding mirrors of different kinds to your wall has been an age-old trick to make your space look wider and with more depth. But choosing the right sort of mirror that matches your décor is very important, otherwise, it may create a disconnected look. If you have a modern home, then go for mirrors with clean simple frames, more like the basic form of the mirror. If you have traditional home décor, then you can safely mount mirrors that have intricately carved frames, the most common ones being the meshwork design that looks fabulous and renders a rustic look to the house.

4. Gallery of frames- If you are a passionate photographer, and collecting nice family pictures is your hobby, then a simple way to display this love of yours is to create a gallery of frames of your favorite pictures. You can either choose a wall in the living room to do this or if you have a hallway then create a walkway with frames on both sides.

5. Install floating shelves- There is so much you can put on display by fixing floating shelves made out of wood or even glass. You can show your collection of books, medals, or laminated certificates of your achievements. To add green to your space, you can even place small indoor plants in stylish vases. 

6. Hang plates- This is a great idea to flaunt your new china wear set. If you are wondering how to hang plates and if it’s safe, then don’t worry, you get wire plate hangers that safely hold your plates in place on the wall. Handle them with care while cleaning or dusting them. 

Above are just a few ideas, you have limitless options to what you can do with blank walls. Wear your creative hat and get going. 

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