Transform Your Look: 7 Hair Makeover Ideas

Ready to start the new year with a new do? Hair can be one of the first things someone sees about you, especially moving through a sea of masked faces. And when you’re feeling like your old style isn’t serving you anymore, there’s only one thing to do.

Getting a new hairstyle can be intimidating but also invigorating and exciting. Use the hair makeover ideas to get you started, and you’ll be ready to take on 2022 in style.

1. Lighten Up

Whether your hair is very dark or a light brown, hair color trends are still pointing toward some bold colors and bright blonde with dark underneath. Whether you want partial or full highlights, you can pick from hair color ideas that you’re most comfortable with. 

2. Bold and Bright Layers

If you’ve always wanted to try out a bold red or lilac purple, this might be the perfect opportunity. And you can play around with under hair color ideas instead of just what’s on top. Having darker roots and darker shades underneath with highlights on top is in and not going anywhere, so play around with what colors would work well with your style.

3. Going, Gray

If you’re not loving the blonde hair color trends or other bright colors, sleek silvers continue to make a comeback. Whether you’re old enough to have gray hair or want to try it out, this look can add some sophistication and style to most anyone. You can wear this look on top of darker browns and blacks and have it wavy, straight with a middle part, or even in a pixie. 

4. Light to Dark

The great thing about going lighter? If you don’t love the look, it’s an easy remedy to dye it back or choose a new color. If you’ve had light hair for a while, or even if it’s your natural hair color, try a darker shade to see how it feels.

5. Cut Loose

If you’re not as interested in dying your hair and want haircut ideas, short hair is here to stay. And not just shoulder length, but radical pixie cuts. You can wear it styled up to add some attitude, or keep it down and swept to the side for a cute, french look. 

Pixie cuts come in a wide variety of styles, so be sure you’re considering your hair texture when picking the shape, especially if you’ve never gone that short before. While it is only hair, the grow-back process can feel frustratingly long if you don’t love the look.

6. Be Blunt

If you want to swap in your side part for a middle one and follow the current-day trends, why not go all the way? Getting a blunt bob can be a transforming look that doesn’t require that much sacrifice. You can add some new color to spruce it up if you like, but going from longer layer locks to a blunt bob, even at your shoulder, will be making heads turn.

7. Better with Bangs

Getting bangs with almost any style can change your entire look. Getting them with a blunt bob or a pixie cut can add layering back in. Consider some curtain bangs or blunt bangs to add a fresh new take to your current style if you don’t want a big cut.

The Best Hair Makeover Ideas

When it comes to hair makeover ideas, there are a lot to choose from, no matter what type of hair or style you have. What is most important is that you pick a look you’re excited about, and that will make you look forward to showing off. 

Don’t base your decision only on current trends but also on your type of hair and the amount of work you want to put in to maintain that particular look. And if this helped you find some ideas to pursue, keep reading for more great tips. 

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