Top Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

There’s no running away from the fact that employees are the most valuable resource for any organization out there. Without them, a business cannot survive, let alone thrive in the long run. Therefore, employee productivity should be paramount to the business owners out there. But according to various reports, employee productivity has been dwindling in the last few years. Especially when COVID 19 debuted, not many business owners were prepared for the unprecedented changes in the work environment.

Simply put, employee productivity is acknowledged as an employee’s output at work. For instance, a firm that manufactures plastic bottles would like to know about the number of bottles labeled by a single employee every day. In this blog, we will sift you through a few ways to improve employee productivity:

● Improve Workplace Conditions

If you want to make your employees work to their fullest, you’ll have to improve the working conditions. As a rule of thumb, ensure plenty of light at work. Furthermore, check if natural light is flowing through the windows and lighting up the atmosphere or not.

After all, when employees are shown with natural light daily, they will be more attentive towards completing their tasks. Secondly, have a cosmopolitan work atmosphere that welcomes all cultures, ethnicities, and respects every religion.

● Optimize Meetings

Another easy way to improve employee productivity is to optimize meetings. If you don’t know, employees spend around 87 hours of their time on meetings, as a result, $37billion in revenue is wasted.

However, if you can email them an important notification instead of congregating everyone in the meeting room, it will save a lot of time. Secondly, try to cut down the number of meeting attendees if they aren’t relevant to the discussion.

● Consult an Expert

If you don’t know, there are various agencies out there that help companies lower the turnover rate and help in uplifting employee productivity. This is highly beneficial if your business doesn’t have a defined hierarchy.

Visit to know how to take your employee productivity to the next level without much effort. Such firms conduct a SWOT analysis of your business and make the best recommendations for the growth of the product or service.

● Optimize Emailing

According to various stats, employees spend around 13 hours sifting through their emails. This gets multiplied when more of your employees go through communication threads. To avoid this from happening, instruct each of your employees to check their mailboxes during lunchtime or when they come to work.

This way, they won’t have to sift through emails every few minutes. Secondly, keep the emails short, so employees don’t waste time going through irrelevant stats.

● Allow Flexible Schedules

Every person has a different time priority at work. So don’t be one of those typical bosses who implement the 9 am to 5 pm rule. Instead, allow your employees to complete their work hours within a defined time slot. This means, if the office is functional from 9 am to 9 pm during the night, employees can complete their work hours during this time.

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