Top Long Term Car Parking Tips

With the average car now costing over $45,000, there’s never been a better time to take care of your car. But when you’re heading out of town and need to leave your vehicle behind, what should you do? Before you park your car long term, you’ll want to be prepared.

Stick around to learn the top long term car parking tips!

Fill Your Tank

Before heading to a long term car parking lot, stop by a gas station to top off your tank. This keeps moisture from finding its way into your tank and causing bacteria. Water in your tank can lead to car performance issues and engine problems.

While you’re at it, add some fuel stabilizer if you’ll be gone for over a month. This will help maintain the quality of the gas in the tank. And it will prevent the engine from rusting.

Inflate Your Tires

It’s also wise to pump up your tires to avoid car parking woes. If you don’t fill them, you could come back to a deflated tire — or four of them.

Remember that tires do lose air over time. If they’re already a little low, they’ll be extremely low after a month or two of sitting. 

Avoid Using the Parking Brake

When you’re in your long term parking lot space, avoid using the parking brake. While using it might be a natural reflex, it can do more harm than good.

If you activate it and the brake sits for a long stretch, it could start rusting. This is especially true if road salt or other elements come into contact with the brake components. You could come back to a car with a parking brake that’s stuck!

Wash and Wax Your Car

Before parking your car long term, grab the sponges and hose. Clean your car to remove any bird droppings or other debris. Left untreated, the acidic content can eat away at your car’s paint job.

Go a step further and wax your car, too. The wax will help prevent corrosion from acid rain and dents from hail. Even better, consider using a breathable tarp to cover your car.

And if your car’s not even worth cleaning, you can get cash for cars near me. You’ll be able to unload a car in any condition and trade up for a better one.

Remove Valuables from Your Car

It should go without saying that keeping valuables in a car is risky. But if you’ve neglected cleaning your car’s interior, it’s easy to forget. Maybe you’re in the habit of leaving department store purchases in the backseat, for instance.

Remove any items that can be seen through the car’s windows. And be especially careful to remove items with addresses or other identifying information.

Prepare for Long Term Car Parking

Knowing a few long term car parking tips can help keep your car safe while you’re gone. Top off the gas tank and inflate your tires. Do some interior and exterior cleaning — and resist the temptation to apply the parking brake.

To get more car maintenance tips, come back for new articles.

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