Top 9 Ways for Active Military to Earn Extra Income

About 31% of active duty service members turned to cash advances and payday loans in 2020. Military members and their spouses were hit hard by the pandemic.

Active duty military members are the main earners in their families, and just over half turned to side gigs to make extra money.

It is possible to earn extra income as an active duty military member. You may need to get permission from your chain of command and make sure that there isn’t a conflict of interest.

If you’re looking for ways to generate more income for your family, you’re in the right place. Check out these active duty side hustles.

1. Start Blogging

Believe it or not, you can turn blogging into a business. The reason why is because you’re an expert in a niche field. You know and understand the military experience just as well as anyone else.

Not everyone can appreciate what it’s like to be a military family. Moving, raising a family, financial struggles, and stress are part of the territory.

You can start a blog and be a source of support for other military families. You’ll need to write at least one blog post a week.

Learn about search engine optimization to help you drive traffic to your site. Get enough traffic and you can make money through ads and affiliate marketing.

If you gain a loyal following, you can sell online courses.

2. Freelance Top Skills

Do you have a skill set that small businesses need? Graphic design, social media marketing, web development, and bookkeeping are just a few in-demand skills.

You can work on short-term projects like designing logos or social media posts for clients. That lets you earn extra income and make a great living at the same time.

3. Be a Driver

There are many side gigs out there for drivers. Grocery stores use Instacart, Shipt, and Uber to pick up and deliver groceries.

Other services like Uber and Lyft compete with taxi companies. You can set your own hours and earn extra income in just a few hours a day.

4. Sell Your Stuff

Military families are always on the move, and you need to make sure that you can easily move your family fast. It’s hard to do that if you’ve been in one space for a few years.

You probably collected a lot of stuff that you’re no longer using. It’s possible to give those things new life by selling them.

Go through your things and decide what you no longer need. You can sell your old things on a site like eBay, but you’ll probably have to deal with shipping.

Facebook Marketplace is a simple way to sell items. You can list items locally and have people pick them up from you.

5. Use Your Creativity

Creatives have a wide market to sell their goods. People sell crafts and t-shirt designs on Etsy. You can sell photography on your own site or through stock image sites.

If you want to get into a whole new world, dive into selling NFTs. These are individual works of art that are completely digital.

They’re part of the Ethereum blockchain, and you get paid in cryptocurrency. This is a space to watch out for because its popularity has taken off over the last year or two.

6. Make Smart Investments

For active service members that are looking to earn passive income, investing is the way to go. The military offers the Thrift Savings Plan, a retirement plan for federal employees and military members.

You can use your funds in the TSP to invest in real estate. The real estate generates passive income through rental income. This article explains how you can take advantage of this and other active duty investment opportunities.

7. Be a Virtual Assistant

Do you want to have a simple job that lets you work when it’s convenient for you? A virtual assistant is a chance to do that.

You’d work with entrepreneurs to help them run the administrative side of the business. This might entail scheduling social media posts, writing emails, connecting with people on LinkedIn, and scheduling meetings.

With the right client base, you can have a side gig that’s flexible and allows you to earn a good living.

8. Start a Speaking Business

Military members automatically have a lot of respect in the community. You can turn your military experience into a lucrative speaking career.

When people think of military service, they think of leadership and other valuable qualities. A part-time speaking career is a possibility for you.

Thanks to the rise of virtual speaking opportunities during the pandemic, you don’t have to leave the base. You do need to have a good outreach system and excellent talks to give.

9. Dropshipping Business

This type of side gig is better suited to a military spouse than an active service member. That’s because this type of business depends on excellent customer service.

You won’t be able to do your job and serve customers at the same time. A military spouse with extra time can focus on building the business and delivering quality customer service.

What is a dropshipping business? It’s where you pick products to sell online, and work with a vendor to produce the items and fulfill the orders.

You’re basically in charge of the sales and customer service aspects of the business. It’s a low-cost way to sell products online.

Earn Extra Income Today

Active duty service members have a lot to worry about, from serving the country to supporting a family. If you’re looking at ways to make extra income, these tips will help.

These active duty side hustles let you and your family earn income through part-time gigs and earn passive income through active duty investment opportunities.

Just make sure that you comply with the code of ethics and get permission if you need to.

Did you enjoy learning about these income opportunities? You’ll love the other financial tips on this site. Head over to the home page and check them out today!

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