Top 8 Vacant Land for Sale in Clyde North

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What is a home without the land, after all? An excellent design isn’t a stand-alone answer. It’s impossible to build a house without land. Are you searching to buy land in Clyde North to create your own home or commercial property? And, you don’t know where to begin?

In this article, we have all the necessary information about land available for sale in Clyde North. Read on.

  1. St. Germain

St. Germain should be your first choice when looking for land for sale in Clyde North. St. Germain gets inspiration from a modern European village culture and is on the Thompsons Road in Melbourne’s expanding southeastern expansion corridor.

Whatever your age, you can find everything you need to stay healthy and happy right outside your gate. More than 900 purchases are through in St. Germain. Hundreds of people have purchased land and created or are in the process of making their dream homes. 

The hype in Clyde North is St. Germain. Everything is put in place to cater for kids, youngsters, professionals, and retirees to have a good time. At St. Germain, there is indeed plenty of lands to purchase. 

Everybody is welcome to purchase land at St. Germain! The land is available in two stages:

  • The #23 has five slots available for sale.
  • The #24A also has five slots available for sale.
  1. Live well at five Farms

Five Farms is known for the farming families who have lived along Hardy’s Road for centuries in Clyde North. Five Farms will continue its heritage by selling land to future residents who want to live healthy and happy life. 

You’ll be able to make your memories and pass them on to future generations of families. When looking for land for sale in Clyde North, check out this land available for sale.


This 235sqm plot of property is in Hills Meade, the first neighborhood. You can build your home in this gorgeous setting. The land is surrounded by canopied streets and fantastic outdoors. 

Discover adjacent Hills Meade Park, a favorite spot for your families. It offers a variety of designs you have in mind when you find yourself with more time for the things that matter to you; it’s a state of wellbeing.

3. Bella Clyde

In Clyde North, Bella Clyde is on a trademark playground, a vast wetland, and a naturally planted stream. If you purchase land in Bella Clyde, you will have access to everything you require to keep your family healthy and happy. 

You elegantly get connection to all things joyful, healthy, and educational, as well as all your day-to-day needs. The Cefalu Release has two slots of land for sale. Customers are welcome to buy this land and enjoy the good life in Bells Clyde.

4. The New Bloom

The popular sold-out Bloom community’s next phase offers over 450 acres of land in a prime Clyde North location on Thompsons Road. The land connection to public transportation and direct freeway access. 

Melbourne’s CBD is approximately 45 minutes away via the Princess Freeway, and Berwick train station is less than 5 kilometers away. Bloom is a recent addition to a vast neighborhood with a distinct village atmosphere. 

Everything you need is right there when you buy the land, from luxurious dining and shopping centers to schools, excellent transportation links, and more. You won’t be able to wait until the weekend to spend time with your family. 

There are always a variety of walking and cycling trails, playgrounds, bike tracks, and sporting clubs to encourage you to get outside.

5. Delray

Photo by Nick Wright on Unsplash

Delray, Clyde North, has land for sale as well. Delray has attracted around 800 families who have purchased land and moved there. You acquire more than land at Delray; you buy a way of life and a sense of community.

You’ll find plenty of options for your new home here, all inside a thriving neighborhood that caters to people of all ages and lifestyles. Shops, schools, public transportation, and highway connections are all within walking distance of your home. 

See why nothing beats Delray, situated in Clyde North and bordered by stunningly planted parks, gorgeous wetlands, and Club Delray at its core.

The land is presently selling for $375,900*at Delray.

6. Berwick Waters

Berwick Waters is a lively new area where you may choose land from various block sizes and live within walking distance of the upcoming town core. The abundance of conveniences within a 10-minute trip is a crucial benefit of having land in Berwick Waters. 

This village shopping center in the neighborhood will allow you to enjoy being close to retail experts. When the local retail mall is complete, you’ll be able to meet all of your other everyday needs. 

If you own a home and land in Berwick Waters, you will have easy access to nearby medical facilities like Berwick Hospital or Casey Hospital. And, as if living in Berwick Waters wasn’t convenient enough, you’ll have high-speed broadband thanks to the fiber-to-the-home connectivity.

Consider Berwick Water if you’re seeking a place to purchase land in Clyde North. This up-and-coming neighborhood is great for first-time homebuyers. It’s a vibrant neighborhood with plenty of opportunities for expansion and residents who are happy and healthy.

7. The Orchards of Clyde North

The Orchard Estate in Clyde North is a new exciting boutique development that offers a variety of new off-the-plan house and land packages to suit a wide range of needs. Many developed amenities and public transportation are available when you combine Clyde North Cranbourne. 

It’s never been easier to live in Melbourne’s southeastern corridor. This new land estate will be a welcome addition to a popular Melbourne neighborhood with a growing population. With a wide range of new off-the-plan house and land packages to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

8. Sultani

Sultani Real Estate offers investors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy land in the heart of rapidly growing North Clyde. This incredible piece of property is perfect for you to develop your dream home, whether you’re looking to settle down with your family or invest. 

This 386 sqm solid block comes with authorized plans and permissions, allowing you to create it exactly how you want it without any fuss. There are numerous beautiful places to find land for sale in Clyde North. The land has easy access to roads, educational institutions, shopping malls, and recreational amenities. 

Purchase land for your home or investment and enjoy a happy life in Clyde North.

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