Top 6 Best Print Marketing Materials to Increase Sales of Your Business

Print marketing materials are extremely important to create a first good impression of your business. The great printed marketing materials are designed meticulously and use the same colors, fonts, as well as the same to guarantee relevancy. 

However, the quality of the printed materials is more important for your business marketing strategies. In most cases, customers will use these printed materials to build the first interaction with your company. If the customers notice that the printed marketing materials are made of cheap quality, they will assume your products are too. 

Marketing materials can be any item that will communicate the marketing of your business to the customers. In printing materials, this includes brochures, business cards, and catalogs, and so on. In other marketing formats, printed materials can be anything from billboards to digital assets. 

The success of your business marketing efforts is highly dependent on the quality of the printed marketing materials. In this article, we will discuss the top 6 printed marketing materials to boost your business’s sales. 

Business Cards

If implemented correctly, business cards are highly powerful. When you provide your team tons of business cards and handing them out will undoubtedly help you to attract and retain potential customers. As per Entrepreneur, business cards are an effective direct marketing tool.

Business cards will also allow you to provide an accurate medium for writing short messages to your prospects so that they can follow your brand specifically. This is the main reason why you should always leave some black space or negative space in your business cards so that you can include any additional detail of your business later on. When you give someone your business card, it will not only indicate that you’re ready to accept more but also the professionalism and seriousness of your brand. 

Envelopes and Letterhead

Custom envelopes and letterhead develop a genuine sense of legitimacy to the communication of your customers. When you use high-quality paper for your letterhead and envelopes, your customers will pay attention to every aspect of your business. 

Having a personalized letterhead that represents the image of your brand appropriately is a highly effective tool to convince somebody to prioritize your products over others. Remember that an attractive envelope or letterhead will help you to attract the attention of your customers. 

In this way, you can use envelopes and letterhead to create a new form of marketing that will work differently from the other marketing techniques like Poe trade

Presentation Folders

One of the greatest ways to boost the marketing of your business is by presenting your potential customers with a stack of papers. However, don’t forget to include contact information, flyers, and pricing information inside a customized presentation folder to ensure that stay safe in one place. 

The usage of the presentation folders is much more. Apart from holding the information of your business, customers can also use these folders to stack other materials. This will ensure the constant and long-lasting marketing of your brand. Hence, make sure that you brought the presentation folders to client meetings or conferences. This will help you to enhance the morale of your brand since clients and customers will feel your business is trustworthy and established. 

Company Brochures

As a business owner, you should possess a brochure so that your customers can know about the products and services your business provides. 

Brochures help the customers to get more detailed information regarding your business and brand. Even if you’re at trade shows and only got a couple of seconds to maintain a relationship with potential customers, the brochures will allow you to create an in-depth conversation.

Apart from that, brochures are also extremely effective as location-based wholesale printing materials. No matter if you use them at trade shows or parks, they will create an efficient way of communicating with your customers. 


Even though you can always redirect customers to your business website, a catalog will help you to highlight some specific items of your company. Additionally, the retention rate of catalogs is higher than websites. Hence, customers will be keeping them for a long time. 

Apart from that, some customers prioritize catalogs over the internet. If you provide them a catalog, it will showcase that you’re trying everything possible to support their personal preferences while also conveying an impressive branding opportunity for your business. 

Product Data Sheets

Provide your potential customers a full-color sheet that contains detailed information regarding benefits, features, and specifications, or services and products that your company provides. This will help the customers feel confident in their purchasing decision. 

Most of the time small business owners face difficulties conveying the information and pricing of their products and services to customers in a precise manner. In that case, product data sheets will ensure that they’re getting all the relevant information. 


These are the top 6 printed marketing materials to boost the sales of your business. Do you have any doubts you like to be solved? Comment below and let us know. 

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