Top 5 Things you should know about .Net Framework

It is absolutely clear that Installation of NET.Framework is important. It’s quite clear fact for all of those people who use computer software. 

At the same time installation and usage of NET.Framework can cause some problems for the users. NET.Framework is a framework which is able to run a few applications. And it’s done at one and the same time. The developer of such a platform is Microsoft. From the very beginning it was certainly designed for the needs of Windows. Still there are additional opportunities for it to be installed even in case of other operating systems. In te list nowadays can be found Linux.

Microsoft in its work uses the basics of Windows platforms. It’s a common language runtime and FCL. More information on the topic can be found with the help of dataxdev – outsource dot net development

The Microsoft .NET Framework is the platform, which is widely used for running and developing applications on a computer. In order to get it, there is no need to pay. It supports a lot of programming languages. As for use, it’s rather easy. The latest update appeared not so long ago. But for this period it has proved it’s high level of efficiency.

Microsoft .NET Framework Features

The utility is a package of plugins and libraries for the smooth operation of programs that use the “.net” standard. And this is almost all software that has access to the network in one way or another. If you do not install the NET Framework in time or do not follow the updates, you can lose some of the important options in your favorite applications. It includes the refusal to launch at all.

Among the features of the product is support for a common language runtime. In other words, users can open programs that are written in different programming languages. As well as create software using several languages ​​at the same time.

Among other equally important features of the utility:

  • Writing applications for Windows;
  • High-speed access to cloud services;
  • Support for arrays over 2 GB;
  • General language programming environment;
  • Interactive customizable window appearance;
  • High-quality support from the developer through the official website;
  • Support for Visual Studio tools;
  • Excellent archive compression quality;
  • Convenient tools for creating WCF services.

Advantages and disadvantages

First of all, it should be noted that the software is distributed freely. This is an incomparable plus given to many other programs. Basically, this framework is an addition to the operating system, which is already installed. You don’t need to install it on purpose, although it doesn’t hurt to keep track of updates. You can download the latest version for free by going to the official Microsoft website using our link at the top or bottom of the page. Next, you need to select the version of the product and, if necessary, download the plugin with language support.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8

Among the technical advantages of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 are:

  • Improved scaling;
  • High speed of command response;
  • Optimization of network services;
  • Stable and secure operation of Internet applications.

Nevertheless, the product is still far from perfect. Users note the irrational use of computer resources while the program is running, as well as poor compatibility of the updated version of the utility with early Windows operating systems, such as XP. In addition, before installing the .NET Framework 4.8 package, you should make sure that your computer has the necessary system requirements, otherwise the program will not work correctly.

Microsoft itself offers several such languages: C ++ / CLI, C #, VisualBasic NET. In addition, other companies and educational institutions are creating compilers for other languages ​. They are CLR-compatible with outsourcing trends.

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