Top 3 Web Design Trends to Pay Attention to In 2022

There are more than 1.5 billion websites up on the internet today. That’s almost one website for every four people on the planet.

The only problem with so many websites is that most are never found, and most aren’t worth finding anyways. Even with the tools available today, that make websites easier and more affordable than ever before, most people put up ugly, outdated websites that are not user-friendly.

This means businesses aren’t making sales or growing their business. But by following a few basic web design trends, you can easily create a website that attracts visitors, keeps them on the website longer, and gets them to take action to become a subscriber and a customer.

So which web design trend do you need to know about before you hire a web designer? We cover three great options right here. 

1. Model Your Website After Apps

People are spending more and more time on mobile devices. Their phones contain dozens of applications built specifically for mobile.

These provide streamlined, yet technical and visually engaging designs, with subtle animations and seamless flow. Websites don’t often take on this approach but are starting to more and more, since users are familiar with this type of design. 

Web designers using app-based design are less dependent on photography and more dependent on native visuals designed exclusively around the brand, using relevant colors and themes from the product or service. 

2. No-Code Design

So much infrastructure has been built that allows a web design company, or an individual, to build beautiful, functional websites fast, without needing to write any additional code.

While these types of tools have been used a lot in the past, they are much more efficient today, allowing for more responsive design, quick page speed, and themes and elements of the modern age. 

Of course, if you have time, you can learn how to build a website yourself with the right tools. However, given that no code is needed, hiring a web design consultant is more affordable than ever before, since labor is less intensive. 

3. Mobile First

For most of the last decade, web designers have built websites native to desktop computers and focused on the mobile design second. But with the majority of internet users browsing the web from their smartphone, mobile-first web design is the new normal.

Always envision your website as it would look and function on a mobile phone, and consider a desktop site to be secondary. Hiring a professional web design company makes this super easy. 

Leveraging Modern Web Design Trends

When it comes to building a website, there are web design trends that are proven to work. In order to build a functional, successful website that ties your marketing strategy together, you don’t need to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel.

Stick to the trends that are proven to work, add just a little bit of flare, and you’ll be ahead of most other websites out there competing for the same viewers.

Looking for more tips like this? Head over to our blog now to keep reading. 

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